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Why Choose an Online Bootcamp?

Nearly all bootcamps offer online options that students can participate in from their homes. And the option is more popular than ever. During the COVID-19 pandemic, providers who typically offered in-person instruction were forced to adapt, by creating comprehensive online experiences that rival the level of instruction found in classrooms.

2022 has seen an increase in demand for top tech roles like software developer, cybersecurity specialist and data scientist. Completing a bootcamp program can be a cost-effective and efficient way to gain job-critical skills and fast-track your hireability in the high tech sector. Online programs specifically serve as a great option for any potential students looking to schedule learning around a busy schedule or simply prefer remote learning and working. While bootcamps will continue to offer in-person sessions, the success of online programs means that this format will only continue to increase in popularity.


What Will You Learn at an Online Bootcamp?

What do you picture when you think of online learning? If you’re thinking aimlessly clicking through web pages or outdated YouTube tutorials, you’ve got the wrong image. As a result of advances in technology and investment from providers, online bootcamps provide students with a highly personalized learning experience. Since these online programs can vary a lot in their structure, it’s simply a matter of matching the program type with your preferred style of learning. Some are live, full-time courses that emulate in-person, classroom learning as closely as possible. Others may be fully self-guided and rely on asynchronous learning. Others may be a mix of the two, requiring students to join some live lessons virtually, while allowing them to complete other parts of the curriculum independently and at their own pace.

Regardless of model type (live, asynchronous or hybrid), providers almost universally provide opportunities for one-on-one or small group instructor/mentor guidance to ensure students are getting the most out of the program. The all-important networking has also not been neglected as programs shift to the online model, with many offering targeted career-coaching, virtual mentor chats and resume reviews and more. Finally, many bootcamps have gone out of their way to foster community in the online space with student forums, invite-only alumni events and virtual happy hours that eventually spill over IRL.

Job Outlook for Online Bootcamp Graduates

The job market for online bootcamp graduates is incredibly strong, and is expected to rise in conjunction with industry demand throughout 2022. As more of our lives are spent online, companies are racing to scale up and offer innovative solutions. Knowledge of next-generation tech skills like artificial intelligence, blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies is proving invaluable to those looking to land a tech role. The industry is also seeing growth for a wide range of roles including Cloud Architects, Data Analysts, Mobile App Developers and IT Specialists, to name just a few.

Completing an online bootcamp is a great way to demonstrate to employers that you are capable of working and managing projects remotely, an excellent skill set to have considering the trend towards off-site employment. Major tech companies like Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft have announced their plans to allow employees to work from home for a majority, or even full-time, with smaller organizations and startups following suit. This is excellent news for job seekers, who can now expand their search beyond the geographical boundaries of where they’re physically located. Experience with remote learning is only going to become a more valuable asset as this trend continues.

Average Salary for Online Bootcamp Graduates

Using data from Indeed.com, we’ve compiled average salaries for some of the most popular tech roles offered remotely. As you can see, many of these positions command yearly pay in the six figures, which goes even further for virtual employees who are not bound to pricey cities like New York or Los Angeles. We encourage you to use Indeed for further salary research for your desired positions or check out our city pages for more information on the job market of particular locales.

Career FieldAverage Remote Salary
Software Developer$102,341
Data Scientist$119,871
Java Programmer$101,245
Back-end Developer$120,010
Full Stack Developer$106,501
Software Engineeer$102,234
IT Security Specialist$56,398
Cloud Architect$135,216
Digital Marketer$57,741

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