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Bootcamps in Athens, GA

Athens, the capital city of Greece, is celebrated for its contributions to government, education, history, and athletics. But have you heard about Athens, Georgia? It may not have the notoriety of its grecian namesake, but Athens, Georgia has made its own notable contributions to society. As the birthplace of the band, R.E.M, Athens is one of the origin sites of alt rock music in the United States. Athens also houses the United States’ first school for ecology and environmental studies – the Odum School of Ecology, part of the University of Georgia. Notable people from Athens include actor Titus Burgess, actress Kim Basinger, and Governor Brian Kemp.

Athens, GA is also an innovation hotspot that flies under the radar. Centered around the University of Georgia, Athens has a spirit of curiosity and academia. Local organizations like AthensMadeRoundSphere, and the Athens-Clarke County Economic Development Department aim to support entrepreneurs in the city with resources like networking events, startup festivals, location selection, entrepreneur awards, trainings, and fundraising.

Key industries in Athens include Aerospace, Materials Manufacturing, Bioscience, and Heavy Equipment. Major employers in the area include the University of Georgia, First American Bank & Trust, and St. Mary’s Healthcare System. On the start-up front, notable companies include BookScouter, an online used books marketplace; SellerLabs, specializing in software integration; and SnagShout, a platform where shoppers can share reviews of products and publicize great deals they discover.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Athens, GA

As of April 2021, employment in Athens, GA was at 96% and wages were up nearly 10% from the previous year! That’s a great sign for those already in the Athens labor force and for those on the job hunt in the area. Occupations that are especially popular in Athens include Data Scientists, Statisticians, Computer & Mathematical Occupations, and Tutors.

Due to the high concentration of biological and conservation scientific research happening in the area, data scientists and statisticians are needed to help manage high volumes of scientific data. Additionally, to support the function of the massive St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens, computer specialists and data scientists are needed to manage patient data and promote efficient operation.

Since Athens is a college town, any field related to higher education – teaching, tutoring, etc. – is in high demand as well.

Here’s a look at a salary breakdown for occupations in Athens, GA.

Average Salary for Athens, GA

OccupationAverage Salary
Data Scientist$47,490
Web Developer$66,650
Computer & Mathematical Operations$76,750

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