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Dallas has quickly become nicknamed the “Silicon Prairie” as the home of endless tech opportunities. Companies in information technology, telecommunications, transportation, defense, and financial services all call the city home. The local government is committed to continuing to grow as a tech center through partnerships and initiatives. For example, Dallas has partnered with its college system to offer free upskill bootcamps to help bring more people into the city’s technology workforce. Enrolling in a local bootcamp will provide you with the skills needed to enter this thriving tech workforce. These bootcamps can also include networking and internship opportunities in a variety of sectors within the tech field, leading to even more job possibilities.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Dallas

The job outlook for bootcamp graduates in Dallas is extraordinary and only continues to improve. In 2020, CompTIA ranked the city 2nd in its list of Top 20 Best Tech Cities for IT Jobs, up from number 7 in 2019. This rank was earned largely because of the  job growth rate which is expected to continue to grow 11% by 2025 resulting in the addition of almost 190,000 IT jobs. Currently, 43% of Texas’ tech workers are located here and, in April 2021, CompTIA ranked Dallas 3rd in number of IT job postings. The growth in the city’s tech labor force is predicted to continue to have an upward trajectory which is fantastic news for bootcamp participants.

Fortune 500 companies based here include Texas Instruments, IBM, Kimberly-Clark, AT&T, Lockheed Martin, Southwest Airlines, Wells Fargo, Verizon, InfoVision, and Exxon-Mobil. The city is also home to successful startups including Robokind, Alto, and ParkHub. In 2020, the city announced a 2-year partnership with Microsoft deemed a “digital alliance.” The goal, according to Mayor Eric Johnson, is to make Dallas a “hub for artificial intelligence” as well as “advanced manufacturing and autonomous vehicle design and development.” City initiatives like this will only continue to propel it into a top tech hub and increase the need for tech professionals.  Tech workers are needed here in companies, both large and small, new and established. With the variety of industries located here, technology jobs can be found in many different sectors.

This metropolitan area is widely regarded as the country’s “Telecommunications Hub” because it is home to many popular telecommunications companies. As time goes on, it is also gaining popularity with up and coming web applications development companies. Dallas fosters the combination of both the new user interfacing field with the traditional telecommunication market. This is a unique marriage of established technology and emerging innovation.

Adding to the city’s job opportunities in the technology field, LinkedIn recognized Dallas as one of the country’s top locations for UX specialists including UX designers, researchers, and consultants. This is encouraging for individuals wishing to break into the user experience facet of technology.

Dallas Innovates reports that its local companies are integral in emerging tech trends that include facial recognition, cybersecurity, blockchain, AI, big data, and quantum computing. Dallas continues to contribute innovative ways to use these emerging technologies and needs a labor force to support this innovation.

It is clear that as IT jobs increase in the city and the telecommunication industry grows, the need for tech workers will continue to grow. The need for IT support, web developers, software developers, UX designers, Java and Python programmers, data analysts, and more will undoubtedly continue to be in demand. Bootcamps can prepare you for all of these popular careers.

Average Salary for Dallas

We’ve compiled a list of the average salaries for technology jobs in the city from Indeed.com. Software developers, back-end developers, and Java programmers have the highest average salaries, but all tech careers listed have competitive average salaries. Many job listings also offered cash bonuses which would increase earning potential.

Career FieldAverage Salary
Software Developer$101,240
UX Designer$90,905
Data Analyst$71,971
Java Programmer$96,691
Back-end Developer$106,604
Web Developer$79,290

The possibilities for graduates of bootcamps are endless. The job outlook in the city is promising and predicted to continue to grow. As more large corporations in the technology world move to Dallas and startups are encouraged to plant their roots in the city, tech workers will continue to be needed to support the demand.

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