Created by T.J. Holowaychuk in 2010, this framework is free and open-source. Developers and programmers like Express.js because it only requires JavaScript and makes it extremely easy to create and manage web applications, websites, mobile applications, and Application Programming Interfaces (API).

What is Express.js?

Express.js is a web application framework for node.js. It works on the back-end to provide features for both web and mobile applications. Node.js is a runtime built for JavaScript, therefore, Express.js is a great program to learn with JavaScript since it is considered the industry standard framework for node.js.

How to Install Express.js

To install the framework, follow these steps:

  1. Install node.js.
  2. Create a directory to hold your personal application.
  3. Create a package.json file with the command, npm init.
  4. Accept the defaults by hitting RETURN.
  5. Name the file, then hit RETURN. The default name will remain index.js if you hit RETURN again.
  6. In the myapp directory, install Express.js. Save to the dependencies list.

Why is Express.js Useful?

Programmers and companies like Express.js as a web application because it is easy to use and saves time in development. It also has features that make creating web applications that are simple and responsive to clients. Here are 6 reasons to learn this valuable skill:


Top companies utilize this framework.

Uber, Fox Sports, and IBM are a few companies incorporating Express.js in their web development.

It works as part of the “MEAN” software stack.

The MEAN stack consists of MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. When programmers utilize this software stack, they are reducing the time it takes to develop and increase their consistency since the programs are designed to work in unison.

It provides an efficient way to handle client requests.

This framework acts as the “middle man” and not only receives client requests, but can create accurate responses to return back to the clients. This routes clients in the correct direction and saves time. Without the framework, creating such routers is time consuming and can be difficult. This is a great function for live chat designs on websites that occur in real-time and are becoming increasingly popular.

Using this framework can cut down on coding time.

Features included with the framework will cut down on the original coding needed which in turn decreases the amount of time needed to code.

It allows for the creation of efficient applications.

When used in conjunction with node.js, Express.js helps create fast and efficient web and mobile apps. Code is already written that helps design single or multi-page applications.

It is great for beginner developers.

Novice developers only need to know JavaScript and HTML to utilize this framework. The features that it adds will allow a new developer to create dynamic web applications from the start.

How to Learn Express.js

Before learning Express.js, a programmer will need to know both HTML and JavaScript. Since both are generally skills beginner developers and programmers learn, adding Express.js to your toolbox is a great way to enter the developer world as a novice with a reputable skill set. A great way to learn JavaScript, HTML, and Express.js is through a bootcamp that is tailored to these skills. Bootcamps are offered online, in-person, and through a hybrid version of the two formats. The listing below allows you to find the perfect bootcamp for your schedule and needs.

Browse bootcamps that teach Express.js.

Explore some of the top schools offering Express.js bootcamps and find the right fit for your needs and schedule.