2022 Palm Beach Gardens Bootcamps

Bootcamps in Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The name alone connotes a feeling of relaxation and tropical tranquility. Just north of Miami, and possessing a more intimate community feel, you might be surprised to know that this region contains several international technology leaders and high-powered startups. More and more organizations are riding the South Florida wave and relocating or expanding their presence in the area through hiring.

Landing an in-demand role in the Palm Beach Gardens tech sector is more attainable than you might imagine. An increasingly popular, and less expensive, alternative to a four-year degree is attending a skills-based bootcamp. Available online or in-person, these programs provide you with job-critical skills like coding, data analytics and digital marketing, and holistically prepare you to step into the tech role of your dreams. On this page, we’ve compiled some of the hottest professional opportunities that await a job seeker in Palm Beach Gardens.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Palm Beach Gardens

The job outlook for bootcamp graduates in Palm Beach Gardens is looking excellent, thanks to the recent expansion of the region’s tech sector. This is evidenced by a slate of announcements in the past months from cutting-edge corporations. For example, AeroClean Technologies, an early-stage tech company with a focus on autonomous air treatment devices, has announced a multi-million dollar investment in the area, which will include the creation of at least 100 new jobs with an average salary of over $100,000 per year. Cloud-based commercial real estate appraisal platform Bowery Valuation is also expanding into south Florida and upgrading its Palm Beach Gardens HQ following a $90 million valuation in 2019.

Overall, tech companies large and small in Palm Beach Gardens and nearby West Palm Beach are flourishing, with 24 percent growth in the last six years, and support from numerous incubators and VC firms. Exciting opportunities are currently available at two of PBG’s largest employers G4S Secure Solutions and IT services provider Belcan. Concurrently, innovative startups are also scaling, as they develop the next generation of technology solutions, especially in the software space. Job seekers can look towards organizations like media planning and buying software manufacturer Galeforce Digital Technologies, A.I solutions provider Levatas and API-driven payment engine Amaryllis as startups to watch.

Average Salary for Palm Beach Gardens

Living in Palm Beach Gardens can provide the best of both worlds with a smaller community feel, and easy access to major metros like Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. We’ve compiled a list of the average salaries for technology jobs in the city from Indeed.com. Salaries in the city tend to fall on the high end of the spectrum, with averages in the six figures for roles that are in high demand.

Career FieldAverage Salary
Software Designer$92,582
Data Analyst$58,919
Java Programmer$98,221
Back-end Developer$91,210
Full Stack Developer$111,757
Software Engineer$119,035
IT Security Specialist$114,359
Software Developer$119,035

Bootcamps in the Palm Beach Gardens area and online offer curriculums across a wide range of professions and often provide career services, like networking and interview preparation.

Below we’ve compiled a list of bootcamps offered in Palm Beach Gardens, which can help you launch a career in this innovative and growing tech hub.

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