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Bootcamps in Boulder

Boulder is attractive to tech businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of industries. The city has the “highest educated workforce in the United States,” which entices tech companies to expand and relocate here. This Colorado city has an appealing quality of life with its endless outdoor recreation possibilities, focus on healthy lifestyles, a booming economy, and overall beautiful landscape. Because of this, the job demand for tech workers is high and completing a bootcamp in Boulder, Colorado is beneficial. Not only will a bootcamp give you the skills you need for a tech career in this booming technology centered city, it also comes with the benefit of having many career opportunities at your fingertips. Bootcamps often include instructors from popular startups and Fortune 500 companies and also provide unique networking and internship opportunities.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Boulder

As the tech industry expands in Boulder, the job outlook for individuals completing the city’s bootcamps becomes even more promising. CompTIA ranked the city 12th in its 2020 list of Top 20 Best Tech Cities for IT Jobs. According to the Boulder Economic Council, the top employers in the city include companies from the software, web, aerospace, engineering, meteorological, communications, and banking industries. Google, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, NOAA, QualComm, and Wells Fargo are some of the nation’s top technology players that have major offices here.

Notably, Google continues to expand its workforce , adding on to its 160,000 square foot location with more hubs throughout the city. With major players like these located here, the need for employees in the software field is expanding. Boulder’s concentration of IT employment is 2.7 times the national average. In addition to software companies, the city is also home to companies in the aerospace, cleantech, and bioscience industries. The Tech Tribune identified the 10 Best Tech Startups located here and the list includes Automax, Misty Robotics, and Stream — they all rely heavily on workers with technology backgrounds.

With the diverse technology needs of companies that span many industries, jobs like software engineers, back-end developers, data analysts, and UX designers are all in-demand and well-compensated. As proof, the city is one of the top 5 highest paying cities in the country for IT managers.

Average Salary for Boulder

According to Indeed.com, the aforementioned careers have the following average salaries. Note that many job listings also offered signing bonuses which would increase the starting salary.

Career FieldAverage Salary
Software Developer$93,102
Data Analyst$72,073
Java Developer$114,962
UX Designer$81,444
Front-end Developer$112,210
Back-end Developer$127,180

Enrolling in a bootcamp will give you the skills needed to pursue your desired career in this booming tech city. With the variety of tech jobs needed in a plethora of industries, the job outlook for bootcamp completers is promising.

Take a look at the following bootcamp listings to find the best one for you! Be sure to compare different modes of instruction, i.e. in-person, hybrid, or online, as well as curriculum offerings, mentoring, resume and interview assistance, and networking opportunities.

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