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Bootcamps in Los Angeles

Located just down the coast from the global tech center of Silicon Valley, Los Angeles continues to draw attention as a major tech hub in its own right. With a more affordable cost of living and a similar quality of life, Los Angeles is very attractive to startups and entrepreneurs who may be turned off by high rents in Silicon Valley. The city of Los Angeles is committed to supporting entrepreneurs with resources like the East Los Angeles Entrepreneur Center, which provides assistance and resources for startups. The city’s government and business sectors are set up to cultivate entrepreneurial innovation and success. Coding bootcamps in Los Angeles are popular among the techies in the city and are a beneficial way for individuals to secure a job in the tech sector.

Los Angeles bootcamps average 8 to 36 weeks in duration, depending on their concentration and modality. These bootcamps are offered in person, online, and in a hybrid format where students may meet in virtual classrooms. With numerous tech companies and startups in the Los Angeles area, coding bootcamps can connect students to guest instructors, mentors, local business advice, internships, and network opportunities unique to the city.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Los Angeles

Los Angeles coding bootcamps can help you jump start your tech career in a city that is highly regarded as a prime startup and tech location. In 2019, Inc.com recognized Los Angeles as #7 out of the 10 Best Startup Cities in America. Similarly, Crowdspring recognized Los Angeles as one of the 15 best cities to build a startup in 2021. The city boasts an entrepreneurial spirit and also is home to many popular startups.

While well-known startups like Snapchat and Tinder hail from Los Angeles, there are also many others worth watching. BuiltinLA created a list of 50 Top Los Angeles startups to watch and they span many different industries while emphasizing the need for tech professionals and innovation. Some successful Los Angeles-based startups include:

  • Tapcart is working to help online stores create their own apps easily using their platform.
  • Endpoint is working to streamline the booming real estate industry with their online document center for the closing process.
  • Weecare works to provide a platform for parents to research and compare daycare centers and their certifications across many parts of the country.

As these and other startups grow in Los Angeles, the need for tech professionals also grows. Los Angeles coding bootcamps are a great way to gain the skills needed to compete for jobs in this tech city.

Learn to Code with Me ranked Los Angeles 9th in its list of 12 Best Cities to Launch Your Tech Job This Year.  Additionally, in CompTIA’s 2021 Cyberstates Report, Los Angeles is ranked #2 in the United States for net tech employment. In this same report, the top tech occupations were software careers, web-based careers, programming professions, IT support, network administration and design, cybersecurity, and data and computer sciences. Based on the city’s quality of life, STEM friendliness, and professional opportunities, WalletHub ranked Los Angeles one of the 50 best cities in the U.S. for STEM jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). The tech career opportunities in Los Angeles are both plentiful and lucrative.

Average Salary for Los Angeles

According to Indeed.com, the following tech careers had the average base salaries in the table below:

OccupationAverage Base Salary (Los Angeles)
Back-End Developer$131,376
Front-End Developer$112,679
UX Designer$84,285
Java Developer$119,527
Python Developer$111,702
Software Developer$113,039
Data Scientist$126,541

It should be noted that many companies offer signing cash bonuses, as well as other perks, which make tech roles in the city all the more lucrative. The tech industry in Los Angeles is in need of employees and willing to pay individuals for education and experience.

Los Angeles is a city of innovation that has the tech abilities of Silicon Valley but with a lower cost of living. As startups develop and thrive, coding bootcamps in Los Angeles can help individuals enter this flourishing tech scene. We have compiled a comprehensive list of Los Angeles bootcamps for you to compare and find the best fit for you. Along with concentrations and teaching modalities, be sure to compare benefits such as internship opportunities, portfolio building, career services, mentoring, and more to find the coding bootcamp that meets your needs to help you reach your tech career goals.

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