2022 Buffalo Bootcamps

Bootcamps in Buffalo

From Niagara Falls to nightlife, the second largest city in New York, Buffalo, has a lot to offer. Organizations of all types- Fortune 500 companies, startups and more- are taking notice and establishing roots in the area. Demand for technology roles, like software and web developers, data scientists and systems engineers is only set to increase as innovative organizations continue to take notice of Buffalo. One company alone, open-source CRM software developer Odoo, relocated to Buffalo in 2020 is ramping up its operations from fewer than a dozen employees to up to 400 within the next two years.

So how can you take advantage of this hiring boom and level up your career? One increasingly popular option is to enroll in a skills-based bootcamp. Bootcamps in the Buffalo area, specializing in fields like coding, cybersecurity and data analytics offer an opportunity to learn critical skills quickly and network and learn from local and international industry experts. Bootcamp participants in Buffalo can look forward to exciting internship and job opportunities and entering a thriving and innovative professional community.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Buffalo

The job outlook for bootcamp participants in Buffalo is great and only expected to scale alongside the city. One of the largest companies headquartered within city limits is M&T Bank. Beyond just being the official bank of the Buffalo Bills NFL team, the financial institution supports the city in other ways, including opening a tech hub this April in the city’s downtown district. The $58 million, 38-story building will not only create over 1,000 technology-related jobs for M&T but also accelerate startup growth, providing office space and networking capabilities to the firms of the future. Startups like Serendipity Labs, Lighthouse Technology Services and AML RightSource have already moved into the space. Bootcamp graduates can look forward to joining the emerging FinTech industry and take advantage of hiring opportunities for roles including customer experience engineers, data scientists, programmers and more.

It’s not only M&T Bank hiring in Buffalo. Electric car manufacturer Tesla has recently opened a $950 million facility and has committed to hiring more than $1,400 employees in the area. It’s also good news if smaller companies are more your speed: “the startup and tech movement has become a primary economic force in Buffalo,” according to Bizjournals.com. ACV Auctions, founded in Buffalo has become the city’s first “software unicorn” and launched an IPO this year, spurring a round of economic development in the tech sector. Customer service technology firm HiOperator has scaled from a handful to a few hundred Buffalo-based employees. Other venture-capital backed startups setting up shop in the city include Squire Technologies and Kyklo. These developments have been supported by the government, via 43North, a state-funded nonprofit that provides support services and funding and The Western New York Impact Investment Fund. While it might not be New York City, bootcamp participants in Buffalo have numerous choices in combining the “hard skills” they learn in data science, management, or development to their passions in entrepreneurship, automation and more.

Average Salary for Buffalo

Buffalo is known for its high quality of living, combined with lower than average housing costs. We’ve compiled a list of the average salaries for technology jobs in the city from Indeed.com. Roles with growing demand average salaries of more than $80,000/year and might see that reflected in compensation or additional cash bonuses. As a growing metropolitan, some roles command salaries higher than the national average, like IT Security Specialist (43% higher salary than the national average, according to Indeed).

Career FieldAverage Salary
Software Developer$72,955
Data Analyst$47,050
Java Programmer$89,309
Back-end Developer$96,353
Front-end Developer$77,950
Software Engineer$74,140
IT Security Specialist$113,958
Web Developer$54,286

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