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Memphis, Tennessee: The birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll. Bluff City. Whatever you call it, the second biggest city in Tennessee has a lot going for it. But did you know that Memphis is also an emerging tech hub? The ample lifestyle amenities, skilled workforce and business-friendly government are proving irresistible to all types of corporations looking to call Memphis home. From corporate giants to the most bootstrapped of startups, demand is increasing for experts in coding, UX and UI design, data science, and more, as firms take notice of the city. In fact, Indeed recently ranked the city tenth best in the country for job seekers.

You might be wondering what options exist for you to take advantage of this hiring boom and make the next move in your career. Many in the same position have found success by enrolling in an area skills-based Bootcamp. Memphis bootcamps provide the skills you need in fields like coding, cybersecurity and IT in a matter of weeks or months and offer an opportunity to network and learn from local leaders across diverse industry sectors. Below, we’ve done some research for you on potential exciting job opportunities that might await after you take these first steps towards a whole new professional journey.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Memphis

The job outlook for bootcamp graduates in the Memphis area is excellent and only expected to increase alongside industry demand. The city has recently been recognized as one of the top tech markets in the country by Forbes Magazine, and that is reflected by the quality and quantity of companies that call Memphis home. One of the most well-known homegrown success stories is FedEx; founded in Memphis, the logistics provider is an international leader in the space, and actively looking to fill more than 900 roles in the city including business analysts and software developments. Other major corporations in the area include a Google operations center, point-of-sales software developer Plink and B2B technology solution specialist Ensafe. The Memphis Chamber of Commerce has identified Corporate and Professional Services and Medical Devices and Innovation as two additional key industries in the region and it’s clear that bootcamp participants will be faced with a plethora of choices for career tracks upon program completion.

If startups are more your scene, Memphis has got you covered there as well. More than 763 organizations call the city home, many of them startups, according to Crunchbase. Many innovative organizations have recently completed multi-million rounds of funding like healthcare analytics startup Quire, often called the “google of gene research” and Copy.ai, creator of artificial intelligence software for copywriting. Other firms actively scaling in the area include Preteckt, developer of a software that uses machine learning to monitor and prevent commercial vehicle crashes and database developer Graph Story. These budding conglomerates are supported by the growing venture capital community and incubators and accelerators in the city like Epicenter Memphis and Emerge  which provide funding, physical infrastructure and mentorship. Bootcamp participants in Memphis have numerous choices in combining the “hard skills” they learn in data science, management, or development to their passions in entrepreneurship, cutting-edge tech and more.

Average Salary for Memphis

Memphis is known for its high quality of living (the music scene may be unbeatable), as well as a wide range of housing costs perfect for any budget. Below, check out a list of the average salaries for technology jobs in the city from Indeed.com. Roles with a growing demand can command a starting salary in the six figure range, with additional perks available as well.

Career FieldAverage Salaries
Software Designer$101,411
Data Analyst$68,354
Java Programmer$73,892
Back-end Developer$94,740
Full Stack Developer$85,255
Software Engineer$113,461
IT Security Specialist$74,377
Software Developer$71,498

Bootcamps with a presence in the Memphis area are listed here and we are confident you will find the perfect one to fit your individual career goals. When browsing bootcamps, be sure to compare the courses offered and additional supports, which can vary by program. A variety of professional services like mentorships, guest speakers or interview practice might be offered, depending on the provider.

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