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Bootcamps in Indianapolis

The city of Indianapolis was carefully planned during the 19th century by surveyors who worked on the city plan of Washington D.C. the previous century. As such, it bears striking similarities to the nation’s capital from street names to an abundance of monuments and public areas.

Below the surface though, Indianapolis has a character all of its own. It boomed in the industrial era as a manufacturing center, particularly in the auto industry, and made a national name for itself with the annual Indy 500.

Indianapolis is also an important agricultural center and plays a central role in life sciences research and development. Boosting the city’s achievements in research are a number of prominent universities, including Anderson University, Butler University, DePauw, Franklin College, Purdue, Marion University, and the University of Indianapolis.

Highlights of the city’s cultural scene include a combo zoo-aquarium-botanical garden, the nation’s largest children’s museum, a major jazz & blues scene and, of course, all kinds of exhibits and museums relating to the Indy 500 race.

Indianapolis is the birthplace of Steve McQueen, David Letterman, and Kurt Vonnegut. It was also the last city ever to host a performance by Elvis.

Many nationally prominent entrepreneurs also hail from Indianapolis – Steve Ells, founder-CEO of Chipotle; John Geisse, founder of Target; Sid Grauman, founder of the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Indianapolis

Today, major employers in Indianapolis are Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical company; Anthem Insurance; Roche Diagnostics; Heritage Environmental Services; Angie’s List; AIT Bioscience; Centaur Gaming; the Indianapolis Colts organization; and Finish Line sneakers. All of these large organizations have a need for tech professionals and skilled programmers to manage their IT systems and products.

Compared with other parts of the country, Indianapolis has a particularly high need for statistical assistants, computer network architects, data scientists, programmers, systems analysts, systems administrators, and computer support specialists.

Students who complete a coding, data science, or other tech bootcamp would be in a great position to fill these roles and support Indianapolis’s tech industry.

For those looking to make their own way in the local tech industry, it’s also a great place for startups! Startups that began in Indianapolis include hc1 bioinformatics; Lessonly, a training tool; and SpringBuk, a healthtech firm.

Average Salary for Indianapolis

Indianapolis ranks middling in the average salary workers can expect to make when compared with cities across the U.S., but it is also one of the most affordable places to live when considering rents, grocery prices, and other expenditures. Tech industry jobs tend to be on the higher end of the income scale, so earning a tech income in an affordable city like Indianapolis can set you up for a comfortable living situation. Below we’ve broken out a few popular tech jobs in Indianapolis with the average local salary for each position.

OccupationAverage Yearly Salary
Network Architect$105,430
Data Scientist$84,740
Systems Analyst$83,320
Systems Administrator$85,250
Computer Support Specialist$50,610
Statistical Assistant$58,480

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