2022 Wilmington Bootcamps

Bootcamps in Wilmington

Bootcamps in Wilmington, Delaware are becoming more popular and are a great option for those wishing to enter the technology field. As the largest city in Delaware and a short drive away from New York City or Philadelphia, Wilmington is increasingly becoming a tech hub in its own right. Bootcamps are offered in person, online, and as a hybrid combination in a variety of focuses that will help guide you to your desired tech career.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Wilmington

The job outlook for bootcamp graduates is promising as the city continues to grow as a metro area. In 2020, the Milken Institute ranked Delaware ninth in the country in their State and Technology Index which is based on commercial technology, capacity for scientific ideas, job growth in high-tech sectors, and overall economic growth. The state also ranked third in research and development inputs and 12th in entrepreneurial infrastructure. As Delaware continues to support growth in their biotech industry, jobs to support the technology involved will be necessary.

Large corporations call Wilmington their home and are continuing to move more positions to the area. J.P. Morgan Chase has begun shifting jobs to their new locations in this Delaware city from New York. Christiana Care Health System and Dupont are the two largest employers in the city. AstraZeneca and Navient are also substantial employers for the city. Companies from these banking, healthcare, and technology industries all need tech workers from back-end developers to UX designers to support fintech, software development, website development, and security of their websites.

Startups in these industries are also flourishing and in need of workers in technology professions. Fintech startups Marlette Funding and College Ave are thriving. Analyttica has its U.S. office here and works on data analytics and machine learning. Kissflow and Apricot Mountain are two more startups in the software creation space.

Tech workers are needed with a range of skill levels and skill sets in all of these industries.

Average Salary for Wilmington

According to indeed.com, tech professionals in the city are well-compensated and many positions listed offered cash bonuses, increasing the average base salary. Another important consideration: Delaware is a tax-free state meaning your salary goes further.

Career FieldAverage Salary
Back-end Developer$99,734
Front-end Developer$108,634
Software Developer$115,200
Web Developer (general)$155,528
UX Designer$104,392
Data Analyst$84,024
Data Scientist$126,952

Now considered part of the metro area of major cities and the home of large corporations and startups alike, in a plethora of industries, Wilmington, Delaware is a great place to attend a bootcamp. Below is a compiled list of bootcamp programs and their curriculum offerings so that you can find the best one for your needs and goals.

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