This library surged in popularity because it solves many browser issues and is user friendly. It helped to make JavaScript applications standard in web page creation. Read more below about how jQuery came to be and where it is still relevant.

What is jQuery?

jQuery is a JavaScript library that is free and open-source when using the associated MIT license. It was designed for programmers to more easily develop animations, create applications with Ajax, navigate through documents, and handle events.


What is jQuery used for?

Written in 2006 by John Resig, jQuery solved many problems that arose with browser operations. Resig created a library that would make it easier to manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM) which houses the HTML code in a tree-like format for programmers.

Additionally, developers can create plugins that work in conjunction with the library to create dynamic web pages. Today, modern browsers have tackled many of the issues of previous versions, making the need for jQuery up for debate. Many still feel that the library is relevant, especially since approximately 76% of the top one million websites utilize this library. So, while the use of this coding collection may still be up for debate as newer websites are created without needing its use, it is clear that it is helpful to know how jQuery works in case you are working with one of the many websites that have been developed with the syntax.

Why is jQuery Useful?

According to coding reflections, there are still a few reasons that jQuery is still useful and helpful today:

  • Web pages that will have low traffic and interactions, but need a few animations, can benefit from its use, rather than a full-blown framework.
  • WordPress pages can also benefit from its use.
  • Some frameworks and plugins, like Bootstrap and Slick, are based on or rely on jQuery, so it is good to know how the library works if you are using one of these.
  • If a website or application refers to older web pages, it makes sense to employ jQuery.
  • It continues to simplify challenges that arise when using JavaScript.
  • The library works with legacy codes that are older and already written by other programmers. It can help bridge the gap between the two generations of programmers.
  • As always, this is another skill to add to your “programmer toolbox.”

How to Learn jQuery

How can you learn to use this library effectively? There are jQuery tutorials for both the library and associated plugins. If you are looking for a more structured way to learn, a bootcamp may be ideal for you. Bootcamps are designed to provide a focused curriculum geared toward a skill or career. They are offered in-person, online, or as a hybrid combination. They teach the most up to date and in-demand skills that programmers and associated fields need to know. Browse below to find the bootcamp that is right for your needs and schedule.

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