Adobe PhotoShop

Adobe Photoshop is a software program that can be used in Windows and MacOS. It is a raster graphics editor that utilizes pixels as well as some mathematical vector methods. 

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What is Adobe PhotoShop?

Adobe Photoshop was first created by John and Thomas Knoll in 1988 and released in 1990. It has developed into many versions over the years and is now purchased through a subscription service. Adobe is often bundled with other company products and Photoshop apps like Photoshop Lightroom, Photoshop Camera, and Photoshop Express.

The software is used for a variety of tasks including photo editing, graphic creation, and photo enhancing. There are several careers that could benefit from the utilization of photoshop. Indeed compiled a list of 51 jobs that can benefit from using this tool. Some examples include front-end developers and web designers who are able to utilize Adobe Photoshop to create and edit images for web pages. Web developers may look to Photoshop  for designing and editing images for both web pages and applications.  UI designers are able to create and edit images, videos, animations, and more with this technology.

Why is Adobe PhotoShop Useful?

Adobe Photoshop is useful for many professionals, from UI designers to web developers, and teachers to photographers. It is relatively easy to use and has many extensions that add to its capabilities. 

With the tool, images can be edited, brightened, enhanced, cropped, resized, and touched up. Users can also adjust the color and apply filters. Websites use these images to create everything from layouts and backgrounds to logos and buttons. Users can also create digital paintings and designs with patterns and textures. The software can also create and enhance aerial and satellite images and design maps. Another popular use is to add something to a photograph such as flowers on a table for a picture on a web page. 

The technology isn’t just for images — videos can be edited into black and white, cropped for length, and even converted into gifs. Animations can also be created for web pages and design projects. 

Aside from creating and editing graphics for a variety of tasks, Photoshop has other uses. The software can also be used to create flyers, brochures, logos, social media graphics, and more that are beneficial for businesses to use for marketing purposes. It is relatively easy for a company to use Photoshop to create their brand. This makes Adobe Photoshop a tool that can be found in businesses across many industries.

How to Learn Adobe PhotoShop

So how do you begin to learn and master this software? As with anything, time and practice makes perfect. It is possible to learn Adobe Photoshop on your own, especially the basics. Adobe offers a variety of tutorials for beginners and more experienced users. Each tutorial focuses on one tool such as changing image size or adjusting image quality. There are also many beginner courses provided on topics like photo editing, creating layer masking, photo compositing, and removing objects from photos. Additionally, Adobe highlights other companies that provide similar YouTube tutorials and beginner projects that self-learners can work to create.

Are you looking for a more structured and guided option? There are many courses and bootcamps offered online and in-person so that you can be instructed on how to learn the software in a format that fits your schedule. Adobe Photoshop courses are offered in-person at local community colleges and online through websites such as Skill Share and Udemy. Bootcamps are available specifically for Adobe Photoshop in-person and online. They are generally relatively short and teach you the skills needed to begin utilizing the software. 

Are you looking to apply Photoshop to a career? Many bootcamps offer Adobe Photoshop as part of their curriculums geared toward careers such as UI Design, Web Developers, and Front-End Developers, Graphic Design, Web Design, and more. Many bootcamps culminate with a project that can be used as part of the student’s portfolio for future job interviews. They also may include networking and internship opportunities. 

If you are interested in learning how to utilize as many tools as possible to prepare you for a career using this technology, a bootcamp may be right for you. Listed below is a selection of bootcamps that are either focused on Adobe Photoshop, or include teaching the software as part of their curriculum. Browse through the selections and find the right bootcamp for your schedule and career goals. 

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