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Anchorage is the biggest city (by population) in Alaska and is about nine times larger than the similarly-sized runners up – Juneau and Fairbanks. As such, most of the computing and tech jobs in the state are concentrated in Anchorage.

At the 2019 Arctic Encounter Symposium, lieutenant governor Mead Treadwell highlighted the necessity of innovation to adapt to extreme conditions in Alaska. From blinding snow to extreme cold, to changing sea levels, Alaskans must deal with environmental risk factors almost every day. These conditions foster entrepreneurship and creative workarounds. At the symposium, Katherine Jernstrom called out another factor – “We have super high energy costs so there is a business case for innovating new ways to generate and store energy, especially renewables.”

For a city like Anchorage to thrive in Alaska, businesses there must become highly efficient and insulated from harsh conditions. Tech companies based out of Anchorage include DAT/EM Systems, a software developer that uses stereo imagery to create highly accurate 3D terrain maps; Queryon, an enterprise IT Solutions firm; SDSpro, a software developer that helps companies safely manage hazardous materials; TaskKlock, a timesheet software for businesses; and EyakTek, a security systems and IT solutions company run by native Alaskans of Aleut descent.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Anchorage

If you are rugged, resilient, adaptable and capable of tackling the unknown, a tech job in Anchorage might be a great fit for you! The city may not be the most well-known yet, but the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation has launched the Live Work Play initiative, which aims to make Anchorage the #1 city in which to live, work, and play by 2025. This 10-year plan includes efforts to make housing accessible and affordable, support arts and cultural activities, foster wellness among residents, and develop a highly skilled workforce. AEDC’s website offers resources to help small businesses with financing and location hunting. They also highlight several characteristics that make Anchorage a business-friendly spot such as limited taxation, grant programs, and proximity to so many international business centers.

As in many cities, employment in many sectors of Anchorage’s economy fell during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, one sector where employment has risen is in finance, which saw 5% year-over-year growth. Glassdoor lists job openings in Anchorage’s financial sector for roles like Software Engineer, User Experience Analyst, Agile Business Analyst, Information Security Analyst, Data Center Services Analyst, and Fraud Operations Specialist. These types of roles would be a great fit for a completer of coding, data science, or fintech bootcamps.

Many of these openings are with Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, which was ranked as the #1 best finance company to work for in Anchorage by Zippia. Other major employers in Anchorage include Bristol Bay Native Corporation, an organization dedicated to protecting and investing in the wildlife of the Bristol Bay area and the native population; ASRC Energy Services, a local service provider for oil companies; and Fairweather, which provides advanced weather forecasting and logistical support for companies and individuals in remote regions of the state.

Workers in computer and mathematical operations in Anchorage make well above the national average salary at about $82,460 per year. Occupations under this umbrella category all tend to offer high-end salaries. See the table below for specifics.

Average Salary for Anchorage

OccupationAverage Yearly Salary
Computer Hardware Engineer$122,100
Computer Systems Manager$121,310
Misc. Computer Operations$100,870
Software Developer$99,190
Information Security Analyst$96,210

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