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Bootcamps in Lincoln

When considering places to launch a tech career, Lincoln, Nebraska might not come to the top of your mind. But, the Omaha-Lincoln metropolitan area has quietly become a hub of innovation and development for technology in the Midwest. A few proven success stories in the sector have caused companies to take notice and spurred a subsequent hiring boom across positions like programming, web developer, cybersecurity specialist and more.

Breaking into this burgeoning tech marketplace might seem intimidating, but the reality is that there are more opportunities than ever to become job-ready. One increasingly popular choice is to attend a skills-based bootcamp. Several of these programs are located in the Lincoln area and specialize in coding, data science. Fintech and other growing fields. Take the first step towards a whole new career path and continue reading to learn more about some of the many professional opportunities in Lincoln that might await!

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Lincoln

The job outlook for bootcamp graduates is excellent in Lincoln, also known as the “Silicon Prairie.” The state of Nebraska added nearly 1,200 tech jobs in 2020, with that growth expected to continue. The software industry has found great success in the Lincoln area, with two examples being sports data science provider Hudl and residential construction cloud system BuilderTrend. Both firms have grown locally to earn revenue in the tens of millions and are actively hiring for roles like data analyst, application developer and digital marketing specialist. And those aren’t the only big players in town. Bulu builds subscription box products for major brands like Disney and Buzzfeed and the premiere WordPress hosting company Flywheel. also has roots in Nebraska.

Those with an interest in innovation will find a thriving startup scene in Lincoln. The area was among a recent list put together by Entrepreneur Magazine of Best Cities for Entrepreneurs and numerous incubators and accelerator programs support the scene. The next generation of technology solutions are being developed in Lincoln at firms like back-end restaurant software developer Decision Logic, IT tech service manager Dynamo and WiFi marketing & customer intelligence platform Gazella. Bootcamp grads in Lincoln have numerous choices in combining the “hard skills” they learn, like coding languages or database systems with their passions in entrepreneurship, cutting-edge tech and more.

Average Salary for Lincoln

Average Salary for Lincoln

Lincoln has a lot to offer locals and potential re-locators. These include short commutes, a world-class university system and low housing costs. We’ve compiled a list of the average salaries for technology jobs in the city from Indeed.com. Offers are typically on the high end for the region, with some entry-level roles offering additional cash bonuses or other perks.

OccupationAverage Salary
Software Designer$85,441
Data Analyst$51,159
Java Programmer$96,186
Back-end Developer$57,082
Full Stack Developer$85,276
Software Engineer$76,627
IT Security Specialist$119,000
Software Developer$76,627

Finding a professional home in the Silicon Prairie will open you up to a wide variety of career options across an assortment of disruptive and innovative industries.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of bootcamps offered in Lincoln. Take a moment to browse and find the program that’s the best fit for you!

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