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Bootcamps in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is a unique tech hub due to its location and industry needs. Many jobs in this city deal with tech policy and federal government work, requiring different skill sets than other tech careers. Since government agencies still use more traditional programming languages like Java and Python, knowledge of these established languages can help propel your technology-based career in the nation’s capital. Attending a bootcamp in D.C. can help prepare you for the career path of your choosing while also providing you with the support you will need to excel in this established city.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Washington, D.C.

The job outlook for graduates here is promising and diverse. While the federal government is a main sector of the D.C. economy, D.C.’s Economic Strategy considers technology, media and communications, healthcare, and life sciences to be core sectors contributing to the local economy as well. The federal government is increasing spending on data analytics, cloud computing, and cybersecurity in order to make informed decisions with data and to keep governmental technology up to date. This bodes well for bootcamp graduates who focus on these areas.

The needs of the federal government have encouraged many technology companies to move to the area, sparking a 50% growth in this sector over the past decade. The need for software developers, hardware support, communication technology, and digital services continues to increase in order to support new government initiatives that rely on technology and innovation in the district.

The Economic Strategy Report named other technology niches as “opportunity sectors” because of the potential they have to continue to grow in the city. Let’s look more closely at these opportunity sectors and their job outlook for bootcamp graduates:

  • Security Technology
    • As government agencies and public and private companies grow and increase their technological needs, the demand for cybersecurity to prevent and identify cyber threats and attacks also grows.
  • Professional Services Innovation
    • Professional services like lawyers, accountants, and other companies need technology to make their jobs more efficient. Automated workflow, electronic accounting services, artificial intelligence, and predictive analysis are all areas that are in demand in professional services.
  • Data Science and Analytics
    • With the third-highest concentration of universities and the fifth-highest concentration of health services, data science and analytics is imperative for this city. When you add the vast number of government agencies, Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, plus other large corporations, the need for data analytics becomes paramount. All companies need to analyze data for decision-making.
  • Smart Cities and Civic Solutions
    • Initiatives for smart cities include adopting renewable energy options, solving transportation issues, and continuing to update infrastructure. These initiatives rely heavily on innovation and technological skills which are taught in tech bootcamps.
  • Hospitality Innovation
    • Tourism is a key industry in the nation’s capital and with over 24 million people that come to the city yearly for both business and pleasure. Technology provides creative ways to make visits easier and more efficient.

Technology in the hospitality industry spans from event tech to lodging and transportation mobile apps — all of which require experts to manage and improve the tourism experience. Positions such as software developers, UI designers, UX designers, and data analysts design, create, build, test, and support this technology. Therefore, bootcamps in Washington, D.C. can help prepare you for jobs in all of these areas.

  • Impact Economy
    • Nonprofits and advocacy agencies are key players in the D.C. landscape. Close to 50,000 nonprofits are located in the metro area and as they are created and grow, these agencies need everything from web developers and IT developers to marketers and policy analysts.

Average Salary for Washington, D.C.

Indeed.com reported large numbers of job openings in many career fields of D.C.’s core and opportunity sectors. Many of the job listings also offered cash bonuses which would increase the average salary. The table below shows the average salaries for some of the most in-demand tech jobs in the city.

Career FieldAverage Salary
Back-end Developer$126,059
Java Developer$107,001
Web Developer$100,185
Cybersecurity Specialist$128,735
Data Analyst$82,950
UX Designer$98,763
Software Developer$115,371

There is even more encouraging news — this year, SmartAssets ranked the U.S. Capital the second best city for women in technology because of its career opportunities and pay. For women in tech, Washington, D.C. is an ideal place to work.

The U.S. Capital offers opportunities across many sectors that circle around the federal government and its technology needs. To help you prepare for a career in one of these fields, we have compiled a list of bootcamp programs. As you compare bootcamps, be sure to look at teaching methods (in-person, online, or a hybrid combination) as well as added features such as networking, internship, and mentorship opportunities. With the many options located in the city, we are confident you will find the bootcamp that perfectly fits your needs and schedule.

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