2022 Saint Paul Bootcamps

Bootcamps in Saint Paul

Interested in a career in tech? Have you considered jumpstarting your professional journey in Saint Paul, Minnesota? You might not have previously considered the twin cities as a major tech hub, but Minneapolis and Saint Paul can boast a huge variety of high-tech organizations of all sizes and specialties. In Saint Paul, especially, a hiring boom has led to numerous open roles for experts in data science, software development and more.

While Saint Paul contains world-class universities,a four-year higher education degree is not the only path to a lucrative career. Area bootcamps offer an efficient and cost-effective education in key tech skills like coding, data science and cybersecurity. These programs can not only be completed in just a few months in-person or online, but many also offer a full suite of career services like networking opportunities and resume review. If you’re ready to nail that next interview, here’s some inspiration for awesome tech roles in companies across Saint Paul!

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Saint Paul

There’s never been a better time to be on the search for a tech job in Saint Paul, especially as a bootcamp grad. The twin cities are home to more than 136,000 tech jobs, and are considered one of the fastest growing tech regions in the country according to EMSI. 17 Fortune 500 companies call the state of Minnesota home including 3M and Target, which are both actively hiring for roles like engineer, data analytics reporter and UX designer.

The world-leading organizations of the future are also taking center stage in Saint Paul, like security operations firm Arctic Wolf, which recently hit a $4 billion valuation following a funding round. Of course, smaller, but no less innovative organizations are also scaling in the city, such as IoT solutions specialist Atmosphere and mobile app designer LiveFront. The jobs of tomorrow are here in Saint Paul, as evidenced by the presence of futuristic firms like FinTech provider Ability and A.I-Powered knowledge management assistant Lucy.

If you find yourself more drawn to a scrappy startup than a corporate giant, Saint Paul has still got you covered. The region is home to more than 200 such organizations and plays host to events like Twin Cities StartUp Week, that supports the entrepreneurial community. Career changes can keep an eye on tech.mn’s virtual job board and look out for hot opportunities at growing firms like Leadpages, which helps small businesses create websites, and Pluralytics, an AI business intelligence platform, to name just a few.

Average Salary for Saint Paul

The weather might be cold, but Saint Paul is just heating up. As its national profile grows, the area has become home to all the world-class cultural amenities and trendy workspaces that one would expect of any major tech hub. Plus,two Twin Cities equals double the fun, right?!

We’ve compiled a list of the average salaries for technology jobs in the city from Indeed.com. While housing costs remain relatively stable, salaries in the city tend to fall on the high end of the spectrum for the Midwest, hitting the six figures for in-demand roles.

Career FieldAverage Salary
Software Designer$79,684
Data Analyst$56,995
Java Programmer$81,205
Back-end Developer$85,597
Full Stack Developer$103,549
Software Engineer$94,658
IT Security Specialist$140,740
Software Developer$94,658

Bootcamps in the Saint Paul area cater to a wide range of skillsets with instruction from industry experts. Check out our bootcamp listings, which can help you launch a career in this innovative and growing tech hub.

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