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From crops to coding? Fresno, California and the central valley region, known for its abundance of agricultural products, is quietly transforming into a tech and industrial hub that could one day rival some of the state’s bigger cities. The region is on the rise, as evidenced by the recently released Global Startup Ecosystem Report, which found that Fresno contains several elements for “tremendous growth opportunities” in key business sectors. From business-friendly government policies and ample affordable real estate to a ready and willing workforce and growing lifestyle amenities, firms are taking notice of Fresno, leading to an increase in hiring among software and web specialists, data scientists, IT professionals and more!

Are you in the Fresno area and wondering how you might break into the growing tech scene? One increasingly recommended option is to enroll in a skills-based bootcamp. With no background experience necessary, Bootcamps in the Fresno area can help you become an expert in coding, digital marketing or UX/UI design while providing a space to network and learn from local and international industry experts. Plus, participants

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Fresno

The job outlook for bootcamp graduates in Fresno is excellent and only expected to rise in conjunction with industry demand. A number of companies have recently opened or relocated to the area, with a special focus in the software industry. Decipher, the creator of an automated market research & customer experience software is one example of a homegrown success story, having been acquired by the multinational FocusVision. The relatively small city is responsible for outsized innovative business solutions, from firms like all-in-one billing software provider BFlow and nonprofit finance manager software developer Aplos.

The Fresno County Economic Development Council is known for providing support and encouraging growth in the business community. The biggest sectors in Fresno include Information Technology, which consists of over 500 companies, and AgTech, supporting the more than $7 billion yearly crop output in the region. These worlds come together at cutting edge tech firms like OnFarm Systems, provider of a nationally recognized field intelligence and farm management software tool and Agrarian, creator of a web and mobile platform connecting the agricultural food chain.

A primary driver of the Fresno technology scene is Bitwise Industries, which provides consulting, workforce training and physical space to the growing upstart innovation community. Since its inception in 2013, Bitwise estimates more than 50 companies have moved to Fresno, many in the mobile app or Software-as-a-service space. A recently announced partnership with Google will ensure this space continues to thrive well into the future. Bootcamp participants in Fresno have numerous choices in combining the “hard skills” they learn in data science, management, or development to their passions in entrepreneurship, next-gen tech and more.

Average Salary for Fresno

Fresno and the Central Valley region support a high quality of living at an affordable rate, nothing like the sky-high prices of Los Angeles or San Francisco! We’ve compiled a list of the average salaries for technology jobs in the city from Indeed.com. Job seekers can expect salaries in the high five figures for roles with high demand and/or additional cash bonuses.

Career FieldAverage Salary
Software Designer$91,785
Data Analyst$44,872
Java Programmer$102,764
Back-end Developer$96,207
Full Stack Developer$98,297
Software Engineer$73,167
IT Security Specialist$110,494
Software Developer$80,727

When browsing bootcamps, take time to compare curriculums and make sure it aligns with the desired skills you wish to learn. Also consider any “perks” offered by the program, such as networking opportunities, connections to internships or other career assistance services. We are confident that you will find the perfect match for your scheduling and professional needs.

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