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Bootcamps in Boise

The phrases “small-town charm” and “thriving tech hub” typically don’t go together, that is unless you are talking about Boise, Idaho. The area once known for its natural beauty and fur-trapping is quickly becoming a “techy boomtown” according to Time Magazine. From Fortune 500 companies like Oracle to cutting-edge startups, job openings are on the rise across the city. Demand for technology roles, like software and web developers, data scientists and systems engineers is only set to increase as innovative organizations continue to take notice of Boise.

So how can you take advantage of this hiring boom and level up your career? One increasingly popular option is to enroll in a skills-based bootcamp. Bootcamps in the Boise area, specializing in fields like coding, cybersecurity and data analytics offer an opportunity to learn critical skills quickly and network and learn from local and international industry experts. Bootcamp participants in Buffalo can look forward to exciting internship and job opportunities and entering a thriving and innovative professional community.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Boise

The job outlook for bootcamp graduates in Boise is excellent and only set to increase as more companies establish roots in town. The city experienced a population boom in 2020 that earned it the number one spot on Forbes list for overall growth, and a subsequent influx of skilled workers. Combined with a low cost of living and business-friendly policies, this has been proven to make the city “irresistible” to tech companies. In 2020, the city made its’ debut on Inc. Magazine’s list of “surge cities,” an accomplishment reflected by the number of firms expanding in Boise.

Bootcamp graduates can keep an eye out for role openings at Boise-based Clearwater Analytics, which reports more than $650 billion and has signed Google and Yahoo as clients, or Cradlepoint, a 5G provider that has now expanded internationally. Other major players that caught on to Boise’s charms even earlier include Hewlett Packard and Micron Technology who established headquarters in the city in 1973 and 1978 respectively.

For those more aligned with scrappy startups, Boise has got you covered there too. Between 2014 and 2020 the total dollar amount of Boise-based venture capital startup deals increased from $18.4 million to a whopping $70.2 million. The city’s first homegrown venture fund launched in 2019 from StageDotO with a valuation of $50 million. Among the 400 smaller tech companies in the Boise valley some of the buzziest include Balihoo, a leader in local marketing automation software and House of Design, a robotics manufacturer. From coding and UI/UX experts to cybersecurity and data analytic specialists, the professional climate for bootcamp graduates couldn’t get much brighter. It’s easier than ever for candidates entering the job market to combine the “hard skills” they learn in data science, management, or development with their passions in entrepreneurship, automation and more.

Average Salary for Boise

Boise is known for its high quality of living, combined with lower than average housing costs, compared to other western tech hubs like Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. We’ve compiled a list of the average salaries for technology jobs in the city from Indeed.com. Roles with growing demand average salaries of more than $80,000/year and might see that reflected in compensation or additional cash bonuses.

Career FieldAverage Salary
Software Designer$88,101
Data Analyst$60,517
Java Programmer$98,667
Back-end Developer$92,468
Front-end Developer$64,964
Software Engineer$85,638
IT Security Specialist$62,212
Software Developer$84,283

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