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Bootcamps in Boston

Already considered by Builtin.com as one of the 8 tech hubs in the United States, Boston is continuing to gain attention as a city where tech jobs are in high demand. Worth.com has named Boston one of The 11 Most Important Tech Cities in the U.S. and CompTIA rated Boston as one of the Top 20 Best Tech Cities in 2020. This demand for tech employees with skills such as programming languages, UX/UI design, and both front-end and back-end development points to a promising future in Boston for students who complete a bootcamp.

Boston is a city of innovation and creativity. Entrepreneurship is supported by the 57 colleges and universities that are in and around Boston, as well as by city leaders. Because of this support, Boston encourages a number of large companies to open headquarters in the city and also fosters the success of tech startups.

Bootcamps provide the skills needed to support the growing number of tech companies that call Boston home. Boston’s tech bootcamps are becoming increasingly popular as the demand for employees with backgrounds in programming languages, web design, data analysis, and software development continues to grow. Bootcamps in Boston allow new students to learn the skills in demand in this bustling tech city and also provide current tech employees with a means to upgrade and refine their current skills.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Boston

In 2018 alone, Boston tech jobs grew by 6% — the third largest increase of this type of employment in the country. In 2020, LinkedIn ranked Boston the 4th city for emerging jobs that include robotics engineers, data scientists, artificial intelligence specialists, back-end developers, and JavaScript developers. Even more encouraging for job prospects is that the Massachusetts Department of Labor and Workforce Development predicted that statisticians, software developers, and market research analysts will be in the top 10 fastest growing careers in Boston from 2018-2028. The need for web developers, computer and information systems managers, database administrators, and graphic designers is also expected to grow in Boston over this time period. This job outlook is extremely promising and encouraging for bootcamp students looking to begin their careers in Boston.

Large, well-known companies are racing to create offices in Boston, Massachusetts. At the beginning of 2021, Amazon announced it is expanding its Boston Tech Hub which will create over 3,000 corporate and technology jobs in the coming years. This will likely create ample career opportunities in software development, data science, machine learning, and research science. Many tech companies, including Facebook, are building secondary locations in Boston, creating even more jobs in the technology field and increasing the need for employees in Boston with coding backgrounds. The Boston Herald reports that Facebook’s Boston headquarters mainly houses software engineers, data scientists, and machine learning specialists.

While large companies see the value in expanding their offices into Boston, start-up companies flourish and feel welcomed because of the innovative atmosphere supported by the city. With graduates from both MIT and Harvard a few miles away, Boston has become a popular location for tech startups such as Hopjump and NeighborSchools. Builtin.com has highlighted 50 Boston Startups to Watch which lists local companies less than three years old that show promising innovative ideas and early success. These companies look to employ front-end developers, back-end developers, data analysts, data scientists, UX/UI designers, and more.

One Boston start-up to watch is mabl which works on automating UI tests to help software testers work more efficiently. Mabl employs UX designers, front-end and back-end developers and other computer programming based jobs. Another is Corvus Insurance, which employs data scientists, data analysts, UX designers, software developers, and more.

Average Salary for Boston

Across industries, Boston has a significantly higher median income than the U.S. as a whole and jobs in the tech industry in Boston pay even more than the median wage. Below you’ll see the average yearly salary for popular tech roles in Boston.

OccupationAverage Yearly Salary
Web Designer$60,766
Data Analyst$70,069
Robotics Engineer$93,532
Data Scientist$114,437
Artificial Intelligence Specialist$119,714
Front-end Developer$96,419
Back-end Developer$132,769
JavaScript Developer$118,711

With the numerous tech moguls, tech startups, and businesses located in the city, bootcamps in Boston not only set their students up with the skills needed for their desired position, but can also provide multiple avenues for networking and internships.

Below we’ve compiled a list of bootcamps offered in Boston, which can help you launch a career in this innovative and growing tech hub.

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