2022 Digital Marketing Bootcamps

What is a Digital Marketing Bootcamp?

Digital marketing bootcamps prepare you to launch a career in digital marketing. With courses in social media marketing, marketing strategy, marketing analytics and more, a digital marketing bootcamp can propel you into numerous roles within the  paid media space, including social media management, search engine optimization, and more. Since digital marketing is a constantly changing field, evolving alongside new trends online and in social media, a digital marketing bootcamp is also a great refresher for someone currently in the field looking to update their skills and level up their next career move..

The job outlook for digital marketing bootcamp participants is excellent and only set to increase alongside industry demand. Digital advertising is expected to encompass half of all advertising spend by this year, up from a third in 2016, at $129 billion. Digital marketers will find roles in-house at most large or even mid-size organizations with an online presence or within the advertising agency space.

Before you decide if a digital marketing bootcamp is right for you, let’s dive into the basics of the job descriptions, must-have skills and what you can expect post-completion.

What Will You Learn at a Digital Marketing Bootcamp?

While the role of a digital marketer can vary by organization, there’s a number of concepts and tools  you might be expected to know and will learn at a digital marketing bootcamp. Key skills to be successful in the field can include:

Marketing Analytics

The ability to use data to understand the effectiveness of campaigns is one of the core benefits of digital marketing. Professionals access a variety of metrics, including web traffic by device and location, click-through and conversion rates and leads generated to evaluate the success of their efforts. Tools from providers like Hubspot and Google are widely used across the industry and widely implemented throughout many bootcamp’s curriculum.

Reporting of Analytics

In addition to mastering the numbers, a digital marketing professional will be proficient in determining the most important pieces of information and presenting it to external stakeholders. Gaining proficiency in tools like Tableau can is a great way to learn how to  present professional data visualizations.
Digital Marketing Strategies – Bootcamps can keep you up-to-date with constantly evolving social media trends and best practices for advertising on individual platforms. It’s vital that as a digital marketer, you understand the strategic frameworks for different channels marketing  including Email, Content, Social Media, Native Advertising and Affiliate marketing.

Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok: You might use them everyday but can you manage campaigns on all of them at once? Digital marketers might be expected to understand how to match their brand with the correct target audience amongst 1.5 billion users on any given social channel and monitor campaigns daily for results
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO management refers to the process of optimizing a website’s content so it ranks high in search engine’s results page, thereby increasing site traffic, visits and sales. Bootcamps curricula cover “on page SEO” strategies including keyword research and content creation as well as “off page” and technical SEO strategies that dive into backend technical aspects of keeping a site up and running.

Content Development

A brand’s online presence is normally supported via the creation of original assets that generate awareness, traffic and leads. Think of ads or sponsored content that convinced you to click; these can take the form of blogs, infographics or even videos or ebooks.

Email Marketing

An additional tool for communicating with an audience, email marketing can establish a more direct link between a brand and a consumer. Digital marketers can expect to create email content and may manage seasonal campaigns or subscriber lists depending on the role.
Automation – Mastering software that automates repetitive marketing tasks is a key part of the position and can help you schedule newsletters, social media posts and campaign tracking and reporting on a regular cadence. Tools like Marketo and Pardot are taught for this purpose across digital marketing bootcamps.

Soft Skills

It’s not all data: comprehensive bootcamps will also provide guidance on “soft skills” needed in digital marketing roles like customer communication and making presentations to ensure you have a holistic understanding in what might be expected of you as part of a larger team.

These digital marketing practices and more are widespread across all types of firms. According to smallbiztrends.com, 80% of businesses use email marketing for retaining customers. Statista reports that 92% of digital marketers for companies larger than 100 people used social media as a marketing tool. These statistics show how important these skills are in the marketing world and how valued digital marketing is by businesses. With inboxes and feeds more crowded than ever, digital marketing bootcamps can play a critical role in providing you the skills needed to establish a knowledge base or expand on your expertise within the field. With all this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the logistical details of digital marketing bootcamps and how to decide if one is right for you.

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Where Can You Take a Digital Marketing Bootcamp?

Digital marketing bootcamps are located in various parts of the U.S. and many can be taken 100% online. Below you can browse our complete listings of locations, but in brief, options are available across almost all major U.S. markets including New York CityChicagoLos Angeles, Nashville and more. These bootcamps can typically be completed in anywhere from 8 to 36 weeks depending on the depth of the program and hours offered.

An online and/or part-time bootcamp can be a great option as well, especially for those already working full-time or looking to complement additional classes in college. Many online digital marketing bootcamps offer part-time, full-time or self-paced options as well as the ability to take classes on evening or weekends. We have noted which programs offer these in our listings below.

What Types of Digital Marketing Bootcamps are Available?

The type of provider is another factor to consider when deciding on a specific program to take. Some courses are offered through higher education institutions that, beyond offering in-person classes on campus, leverage professors and educational resources affiliated with the university. Other bootcamps may be offered via third-party or individualized providers.

When comparing digital marketing bootcamps, It is important to consider your career goals and desired outcome of the program. . While curricula of individual  digital marketing bootcamp might seem similar, each will provide a different experience. Each digital marketing bootcamp may focus on different social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram or cover instruction on different types of tools like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and even Google Analytics. If you’re an expert looking to brush up on a specific topic you might consider a self-guided fully online bootcamp, whereas a beginner might be more inclined toward a program that offers five-day-a-week, 12 week-long immersive courses.

Requirements for Taking a Digital Marketing Bootcamp

While most digital marketing bootcamps have an application process, many do not have prerequisite requirements. However, since there is no standard admission requirement across providers, we recommend checking for each individual program that interests you. In many cases, digital marketing bootcamps are targeted at beginners or those looking to enter the field; this means that a bachelor’s degree and prior work experience are often NOT a requirement. . Some intermediate or advanced level courses might ask candidates to complete a skills tests or demonstrate background knowledge in marketing analytics software tools as a prerequisite to registration.

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How Much Do Digital Marketing Bootcamps Cost?

Similar to admission requirements, the cost of digital marketing bootcamps differs by providers. On the high end, full-time, immersive programs can cost close to $10,000 for multiple months of instruction. On the other side of the spectrum, part-time courses require a lower time and financial commitment, in the range of $1,000 to $2,000. Many bootcamps offer need-based and merit-based scholarships, which we’ve noted in our listings below when applicable.

Diversity in Tech Scholarship

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Are Digital Marketing Bootcamps Worth It?

Depending on your particular situation, digital marketing bootcamps can help you move up to the next level from your current role, develop a new expertise, or make a career 180. The prices of these programs can be significant though, so think about what kind of outcome you want to achieve as you’re choosing a bootcamp. Many programs include career support systems that will help you reach your goal. In this section, we’ll examine why digital bootcamps might be a good choice for you, as well as the types of career outcomes you can expect following completion.

Why Take a Digital Marketing Bootcamp?

Graduate in Weeks, Not Years

One thing is almost a guarantee when it comes to taking any type of bootcamp: you are likely to complete your education quicker and cheaper in comparison to a four-year or even two-year degree program. The average cost of a degree at an in-state four year college is $101,584. Bootcamps cut out irrelevant instruction to focus on streamlined skills you need to succeed in the workforce

Adapt to an Evolving Workplace

As we mentioned earlier, the structure of bootcamps allow them to nimbly adapt to trends in social media and the advertising industry. Learning industry terminology and best practices can go a long way in an interview. Stand out to employers with a mastery in emerging channels like podcasts and TikTok.

Join a Growing Field Quickly

The Digital Marketing industry is growing quickly and expected to hit $146 billion in total spend by 2023. As the acceleration of leading our life online, both professionally and recreationally, continues, organizations investment in digital is a safe bet. Bootcamps can provide career mobility and stability amidst these shifts.

Build Your Professional Network

Participating in a bootcamp will allow you to network with fellow students, instructors and administrators. Many courses are taught by industry experts and feature guest speakers or options to engage in career development, which we elaborate on below. Additionally, some bootcamps offered by Universities offer the ability to access on-campus resources and attend events.

Which Digital Marketing Bootcamp is Right for You?

In addition to considering location, cost and time-commitment, here are a few other differentiating factors to consider when aligning your digital marketing bootcamp with your career goals. Ask yourself which of these factors are most important for your desired outcomes:

  • Relevant curriculum, based off scenarios and tools you might encounter in the workplace
  • Instructor-led classes, or if you desire, the ability to view class content on demand
  • Real world projects applicable that can be repurposed for resumes and interviews
  • Feedback from program alumni and ability to network with past participants
  • Ability to view completion and hiring rates
  • Partnerships with potential employers and industry veterans

Do Digital Marketing Bootcamps Offer Career Services?

In short, the answer is yes! Digital marketing bootcamps look to supplement their curriculum via a number of different professional development services. Many match students with a 1:1 mentorship program or provide access to career counseling. We recommend checking completion and hiring rates of programs that interest you if they are available. These are typically a good indicator of the success you might see after completing the course. Overall a digital marketing bootcamp can help you initiate a career with very few prerequisites.

What Types of Salary Can You Expect After Completing a Digital Marketing Bootcamp?

Completion of a Digital Marketing Bootcamps can help you find employment as a Digital Marketing analyst, Digital Marketer, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, and more. Other job titles within the field include Content Strategist, SEO Specialist or Email Marketing Specialist or Research Analyst. Below we’ve listed out average salaries from Indeed for a number of different positions, although figures can vary widely by city and level of specialization. Demand for these roles is increasing across the board, so many roles offer additional bonus compensation or other perks.

PositionAverage Salary in U.S.
Digital Marketer$60,496
Search Analyst$57,966
Web Optimization Specialist$64,291
Digital Analyst$74,772
Paid Search Manager$61,323
Marketing Analyst$60,182
Digital Strategist$61,263
Social Media Strategist$58,490
Marketing Manager$63,248

For those already in the field, digital marketing bootcamps can assist in attaining greater knowledge in a specific skill-set as a means to move up the career ladder and increase your take home pay. Shorter-term courses can also be a great refresher of SEO techniques, social media trends, new marketing strategies, and more. This can help bring a seasoned digital marketer up-to-date on new strategies and ways to stay relevant and effective in the field. At the end of 2020, LinkedIn named digital marketers one of the top ten most in-demand jobs. Professions were named to this list based on the number of global job openings. Additionally, LinkedIn looked at resumes to find the top skills needed for companies looking for digital marketers. The list of skills included content strategy, SEO, Google Ads and Analytics, social media, and marketing channels. It is clear that digital marketers are in high demand and will only continue to grow with the popularity of social media and the increased use of the internet by consumers. A digital marketing bootcamp is a great way to start a career in this field or continue to stay on top of data marketing change and trends.

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