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Bootcamps in Sacramento

When it comes to tech powerhouses on the west coast, your mind might immediately go to San Francisco and neighboring Silicon Valley, or even Los Angeles. But travel a little further North and you’ll reach Sacramento, California, a thriving high-tech sector in its own right. An influx of talent, greater Sacramento is the number one destination for those leaving the Bay Area, has strengthened the region’s ecosystem for tech companies that run the gamut from corporate giants to scrappy startups. Subsequently, there have never been a greater diversity of job opportunities for those looking to jumpstart their career in the industry.

Standing out amidst a highly educated and motivated workforce can be a challenge, so a great choice for those looking to hone their skills or learn a new profession are area bootcamps. Programs in Sacramento are offered in-person or fully online and provide mastery in critical skills like web development, data analytics and UX/UI design. With bootcamps, anyone can become armed with the job-critical skills they need to ace their next interview at any number of world-leading companies in Sacramento!

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Sacramento

The job outlook for bootcamp graduates in Sacramento is quite excellent, due to the region’s one-of-a-kind and growing tech ecosystem. Career changers can expect to find almost all of the same name-brand tech titans they would in Silicon Valley: Apple, Intel, Oracle and HP have all set up shop in the area. Exciting opportunities are currently available within these organizations like Strategic Data Solutions Engineer at Apple or Business Analyst at Oracle. You would be remiss to not check out some of Sacramento’s homegrown success stories as well. EdTech software provider PowerSchool counts a workforce of almost 500 strong in the region and Internet of Things (IoT) tech developer Blaize Inc., to name just a few.

The Sacramento innovation scene contains several unique niches, such as AgTech, biotechnology and FinTech/banking, leading to a growing trend of companies relocating to the area. This can be seen in financial services firm and Salesforce partner Zennify recent announcement to triple their Sacramento workforce or HCL Technologies plan to bring 663 jobs to the city over the next four years. Additional examples include former Paypal CEO Bill Harris establishing his new FinTech organization One in the city and Origin Materials’ recent $1 billion IPO. Finally, the startup scene stands strong in Sacramento with more than 200 different businesses for bootcamp grads to pursue across any industry that catches their interest.

Average Salary for Sacramento

Sacramento provides the proximity to world-class attractions and other tech hubs budding entrepreneurs crave, without the high costs of Silicon Valley. From downtown co-working spaces to numerous universities, to more than 70 local breweries, Sacramento nails all the essentials. We’ve compiled salary information from Indeed.com for some of the top tech jobs in the city for bootcamp participants. These tech roles tend to be more than competitive with the national average.

Career FieldAverage Salary
Software Designer$91,055
Data Analyst$82,962
Java Programmer$98,627
Back-end Developer$86,969
Full Stack Developer$111,081
Software Engineer$84,168
IT Security Specialist$141,731
Software Developer$84,168

Bootcamps in the Sacramento area offer curriculums across a wide range of skillsets and provide varying professional development and career services, depending on the program. Check out our listings below to find your perfect fit!

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