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Bootcamps in Salt Lake City

Think of the largest and most advanced centralized tech ecosystem; you’re picturing Silicon Valley, right? Well, avert your gaze 700 miles to the east and you’ll hit the Silicon Slopes of Salt Lake City, Utah. This picture-esque region is fast becoming known for its emerging high-tech sector as well. Encompassing the Provo-Orem and SLC area of Utah, more than 95 companies find a home in the Silicon Slopes, from decades-old powerhouses of hardware, to the smallest startups of the future.

While the options are plentiful, gaining employment in the region is made difficult by the abundant highly educated workforce. You can stand out from the crowd by graduating from a skills-based bootcamp in Salt Lake City. Learn job critical skills and network with industry leaders across fields like web development, data science, digital marketing and more. Before you set off on this promising new professional path, check out the job opportunities that await in Salt Lake City.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Salt Lake City

The job outlook for bootcamp graduates in Salt Lake City remains excellent, as companies continue to scale from a highly concentrated pool of tech talent. Many international firms have established a large presence in the city, with more than 1,000 local employees, including Adobe and eBay. Innovation in Salt Lake has also spurred a number of homegrown success stories, like learning management software provider Instructure, with a global workforce of more than 1,200, or Overstock.com, which has grown into a multi-billion dollar business since its 1999 founding. Both of these growing organizations have currently available openings in exciting positions like automation engineer and software developer. Furthermore, the software sector overall has proved successful in Salt Lake, with firms like workflow management platform Quickbase and IT expense management tool Brightfin, to name just a few.

In the startup space, Salt Lake City entrepreneurs are thriving, thanks to the presence of networking groupsco-working spaces and incubator and accelerator programs. The website, Bultin keeps a running list of open roles at tech startups, including innovative organizations like Fintech specialists Republic and Adtech solutions provider Insight Exhibits.

On the Silicon Slopes you’ll find hundreds of organizations creating solutions for the problems of tomorrow, within the state named the best for startups, according to Seek Capital. Riding the wave of this tech boom are futuristic firms like next-gen cybersecurity specialists Anonyome Labs and autonomous builders Passive Logic. Overall, bootcamp grads will be served by a job market that can satisfy any niche interest within the tech space.

Average Salary for Salt Lake City

The rise of Salt Lake City isn’t due to tech companies alone. Completing this virtuous ecosystem for job seekers is affordable housing, increased cultural amenities and an unparalleled natural setting surrounding the city limits. We’ve compiled a list of the average salaries for technology jobs in the city from Indeed.com. In addition to yearly compensation, many companies offer additional perks that rival those found in the Silicon Valley campuses to the west.

Career FieldAverage Salary
Software Designer$110,760
Data Analyst$62,408
Java Programmer$86,665
Back-end Developer$111,583
Full Stack Developer$102,612
Software Engineer$95,141
IT Security Specialist$89,770
Software Developer$95,141

Here is a listing of bootcamps available in the Salt Lake City area. We’ve noted below which providers offer virtual options, as well as additional benefits like career services, networking opportunities and scholarships.

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