2022 Raleigh Bootcamps

Bootcamps in Raleigh

Located in North Carolina, Raleigh is part of “The Research Triangle” because of three major research universities located in the area: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, and North Carolina State University. The area known as “The Triangle,” for short, has quickly become a major destination for technology and biotech companies. This has also made the city a great place for technology bootcamps because of the companies located there as well as the job opportunities for bootcamp graduates.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Raleigh

Researchtriangle.org reports there are over 4000 technology companies in the area with an anticipated growth rate of 17.6%. It is obvious that along with being part of a major research area, Raleigh is attracting businesses and techies alike that want to be part of the next big tech city. The area has an affordable cost of living and has been ranked one of the Best Cities to live by niche.com and U.S. News.

Not only are companies moving and expanding in Raleigh, but they are also ready to hire. In the month of April 2021 alone, the NC Tech Job Trends Report found that the city had nearly 11,500 IT job postings for the month, up 56% from April 2020. This increase was the highest of all metro areas in the state. In North Carolina, job postings increased for all tech professionals including software developers (54.8%), Information Security Analysts (26.5%), and Web Developers (11.4%). This is extremely encouraging data for bootcamp graduates looking to start their technology careers in Raleigh.

Startups are also flocking to the area. The business analytics firm Growjo named Pendo.io, a software as a service (SaaS) technology company, the fastest-growing startup with 22% employee growth and 169 job postings as of May 2021. Also on the list of 100 Fastest-Growing Startups in the city are companies with focuses including health tech, fintech, digital health, IT consulting, salestech, and biotech. Startups are looking for tech professionals that specialize in everything from software development and back-end development to web development and UX design.

Average Salary for Raleigh

As the technology community grows rapidly and the high demand for tech professionals continues to increase, individuals with tech backgrounds are compensated well. Listed in the table below are the average mean salaries for popular job postingsf rom Indeed.com. Many companies also offer signing and cash bonuses, which add to the starting salary.

Career FieldAverage Salary
Back-end Developer$110,586
Front-end Developer$95,238
Software Developer$100,953
Web Developer$99,784
UX Designer$98,627
Data Analyst$85,864
Data Scientist$119,935

We have compiled a comprehensive list of bootcamps in this booming tech center for you to compare. Be sure to look at desired curriculum offerings as well as delivery platforms. Bootcamps are available in person, online, and as a hybrid combination of both. Different schools also boast different “perks” to their programs. These can include internship placement, mentorships, networking opportunities, resume and interview assistance, and more. We are confident you will find the best bootcamp for your schedule and career goals to help provide you with the skills needed to enter this emerging tech hub.

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