2022 San Jose Bootcamps

Bootcamps in San Jose

This California city is attractive not only for its weather and location, but for its reputation as a center for technology and innovation. With a plethora of large national companies as well as startups, the city is a prime place to attend a tech bootcamp. On average, curriculums last from 8 to 36 weeks and are offered in-person, online, and through hybrid options. Courses include everything for full-stack developers and web development to UX designers and cybersecurity.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in San Jose

San Jose is often considered the capital of Silicon Valley, one of the largest tech hubs in the country. Top tech companies including Adobe, eBay, Cisco, PayPal put down roots in the city and continue to flourish. The result? More tech businesses have been drawn to the area and tech jobs are in high demand.

According to Data USA, the industries in the city that employ the most people are manufacturing, professional services, scientific services, and technical services.

The 20 biggest companies in the metro area were compiled by Zippia and the top five were:

  1. Cisco Systems at the top of the list with 74,200 employees. Cisco is responsible for manufacturing and selling hardware for networking and telecommunications.
  2. Hewlett Packard Enterprise, famous for information technology, also makes its home here with 60,000 employees.
  3. Samina is the third largest company with 46,000 employees, specializing in electronics manufacturing.
  4. HGST focuses on delivering electronic storage solutions with its team of 45,000 employees.
  5. Adobe is also a key resident, providing digital media and marketing products with its team of 21,428 employees.

With corporations like these taking the lead, job opportunities after completing a bootcamp are promising and plentiful in San Jose.

In addition to large, established companies calling San Jose home, the city is a prime location for startups to thrive. One of the top startups is HUM, an innovative AI platform tailored to real estate and interior design allowing for empty spaces to be decorated with 3D renderings. Another startup, Berymo, is changing the rideshare app world by offering rides at flat rates rather than per mile. IGnation is providing ways for social media gurus to monetize their Instagram accounts.

New jobs are predicted to be added at a rate of 5,200 per year until 2040, and CompTIA rates San Jose as the fourth Best Tech City for IT Jobs and predicts a job growth rate of 11% from 2020 to 2025. This is extremely encouraging for bootcamp graduates looking to enter a technology field in this bustling city.

Average Salary for San Jose

Indeed.com reports competitive pay for many of the jobs needed to support the city’s large technology field. While the average salaries are listed in the table below, many job postings also include bonuses which will add to the overall salary.

Career FieldAverage Salary
Back-end Developer$164,464
Cybersecurity Specialist$147,584
UX Designer$133,520
Software Developer$146,011
Full-stack Developer$153,977
Data Scientist$133,436

Read more below to explore different program listings. Make sure to compare not only curriculums, but added benefits such as networking opportunities, internships, mentor programs, and interview and resume preparation. Whether you are looking to enter the San Jose tech scene for the first time or are looking to upskill to remain competitive in this city’s job market, this list can help you find the best fitting program for your needs.

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