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Bootcamps in Houston

Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest city in the United States. It proudly describes itself as an “innovation ecosystem” and is home to an Innovation Corridor. The four mile stretch not only includes major innovative companies, but also contains The Ion, a 270,000 square foot collaboration space that opened in the Fall of 2021. The space was built by Rice University to bring entrepreneurs, academia, and corporations together to collaborate in the same vicinity.

Many are drawn to this diverse and cultural area that supports a high-quality and fulfilling life. Even after the pandemic, Houston ranks second in the country for the relocation of software and IT professionals. Technology industries continue to grow, thrive, and adapt, requiring a need for more workers to support business initiatives.

Bootcamps here are taught in a variety of methods including in-person, online, and hybrid options — making attending courses easy for your busy schedule. A huge draw for these bootcamps is the ability to network and intern with companies and technology employees from a variety of industries. Whether you are looking to start a new career in a technology field, trying to upskill to be more competitive, or seeking a promotion in your current position, bootcamps are advantageous to your career.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Houston

Houston has over 8200 tech-related companies employing over 223,000 employees in a range of industries. This large, specialized workforce provides a promising job outlook for bootcamp graduates. Two of the most popular industries are listed below.

  • Aerospace and Aviation

As the home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the aviation and aerospace fields thrive

Here. You don’t have to go to the moon to be successful in the aerospace field — back-end and front-end developers are needed to help develop and maintain cutting-edge space technology. IT specialists and cybersecurity specialists work to ensure technology continues to run smoothly.

  • Energy

The Texas city is also the energy capital of the world which means that tech specialists are needed in every facet of the energy sector, from producing the energy technology to marketing it to consumers. Additionally, new sources of renewable energy are emerging, such as wind and solar energy, requiring specialized tech workers to take charge.

In addition to those sectors, agriculture, health tech, biotech, manufacturing, transportation, and digital technology are also all prevalent industries in Houston.

Some companies know “everything’s bigger in Texas,” including these 20 Fortune 500 companies that have planted roots in this city: Sysco, Waste Management, H

untsman, Phillips 66, and Kinder Morgan. This year, Amazon is set to open a robotics technology office while Google is planning to open a cloud technology sales office bringing more technology jobs into the city, increasing the need for skilled tech workers. Bootcamp graduates should be optimistic about these additions.

But this city isn’t just for established companies — startups thrive in Houston because the community supports innovation and diverse industry sectors. Houston Exponential was started in 2017 to encourage and support startups in the city. Liongard (IT automation), ComeClosely (events and social media), Abagy Robotics Systems, Lodgeur (real estate), and Majority (fintech) are just a handful of the successful startups that are making a name for themselves in this Texas metropolis.

To support growing tech ventures and creative solutions, these large Texas-based corporations and startups need skilled tech workers to handle different aspects of business. Developers, cybersecurity specialists, data scientists and analysts, and UX designers are all needed to create and maintain the technology located in this city.

Average Salary for Houston

According to Indeed.com, the average yearly salaries for tech professionals is lucrative in this Texas city. Note that many companies include starting or yearly bonuses as well as other package additions that can add to the average salary.

Career FieldAverage Salary
Back-end Developer$82,124
Software Developer$83,997
Web Developer$75,247
UX Designer$103,901
Data Analyst$61,119
Data Scientist$115,602

Houston has a unique makeup of industries that makes it a dream location for a technology professional seeking additional education from a bootcamp. Aside from the well-known aerospace, aviation, and energy industries, the city also provides opportunities for tech workers in the marketing, real estate, software development, robotics, and health industries. Bootcamp graduates have great options for exploring careers in their chosen specialty.

Explore some of the top bootcamp listings below to find the right offering to fit your needs. Make sure to compare delivery formats and curriculums as well as added program features. Some programs offer internships, networking opportunities, mentoring programs, resume writing, interview preparation, and guaranteed job placement. Researching and considering all available options will help ensure you find the best bootcamp for you to be successful.

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