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Bootcamps in Tacoma

You might know Seattle, but do you know Tacoma? All signs are pointing to this often-overshadowed region of Washington state becoming the next tech powerhouse of the Northwest. From a business-friendly local government to a highly educated workforce and top tier university program, the stages are set for Tacoma’s takeover as a tech hub. Concurrently, demand for highly skilled tech workers in all fields is on the rise, with roles like web developer, network administrator and system engineer available now.

While these spots will no doubt be competitive, a great way for any job seeker to set themselves up for success is by enrolling in a skills-based area bootcamp. These programs not only teach job-critical skills, but also provide opportunities for participants to build their portfolios, familiarize themselves with the local tech scene and receive personalized career mentorship and guidance. With offerings in subject areas like coding, cybersecurity and fintech, bootcamps can match the professional and educational needs of almost any budding tech superstar.

In this article, we’re breaking down all the exciting job opportunities that might await you in Tacoma, Washington!

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Tacoma

The job outlook for bootcamp graduates in Tacoma is excellent and expected to remain that way as more and more organizations take notice of the tech-friendly city. A major sector of the city’s economy consists of IT jobs, with the state accounting for the second-highest concentration of IT workers in the US and the region the sixth highest metro area. This is reflected by one of the city’s largest tech employers, IT Security company Infloblox, which has expanded from 50 to 225 employees in recent years. You’ll find other B2B based IT providers in the city, including Continuant Technologies and Spot Tech Support. With the market expected to double within 10 years, the news is all good for Tacoma job-seekers.

Beyond the IT and Software space, the region has supported several forward-thinking companies with diverse business purposes. The county economic development board keeps a running series of success stories, with growing organizations spotlighted like Real Estate firm Ivy Data, software solutions provider Wind Talker Innovations, and even the support-focused tech startup GiveInKind. In fact, with support from the area nonprofit Startup253, the startup scene in Tacoma has ballooned in the past five years. Next gen organizations like adtech platform Humming and drone developer Zeva both call the area home. Regardless of interest or tech specialty, bootcamp grads are likely to find it in Tacoma.

Average Salary for Tacoma

Just 45 minutes from Seattle, Tacoma residents have all the benefits of the larger city with a more intimate small-town feel, and crucially, a significantly lower cost of living. We’ve compiled a list of the average salaries for technology jobs in the city from Indeed.com. Roles with growing demand average salaries of more than $80,000/year and might see that reflected in compensation or additional cash bonuses.

Career FieldAverage Salary
Software Engineer$89,725
Data Analyst$68,007
Java Programmer$107,621
Back-end Developer$157,988
Front-end Developer$102,343
IT Security Specialist$104,300
Product Manager$91,449

Ready to kickstart your tech career? We’ve compiled a list of bootcamps offered in Tacoma, that offer curriculums within a number of different specialties and many provide additional career services and professional development opportunities. Be sure to take a moment to browse and find your perfect fit!

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