Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs

When it comes to higher education, Computer Science is one of the most popular degree options. And for a good reason, too: according to Glassdoor, the major is actually the highest paying on average! Earning a computer science degree can net you a median base salary of $70,000, well above the national average. With the demand for computer and IT specialists higher than ever, it’s hard to go wrong with completing this type of degree program.
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In this article, we’ve sourced data from Indeed to examine some of the highest paying jobs for those with Computer Science degrees. 

What Can I do with a BS in Computer Science?  

Computer Science encompasses the study of computers and their processes, including practical applications of software and hardware design. This major sets up those who complete it with the background knowledge needed to tackle a wide variety of careers within the Information Technology and Computing industries. Of course, there are numerous jobs within the world of programming, including specialites in software engineering and development, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud computing and much more. As our lives move increasingly online, there is also a huge demand for cybersecurity professionals, including security analysts and professional white-hat hackers. In addition, those with a versatile computer science credential can take on a more “behind the scenes” role in powering the networks behind the world wide web, with job titles such as network architect, database administrator and data scientist. 

Overall, computer science touches almost every major field, from the more obvious like software and data regulation, to practical applications like disease prediction in health care and automation in manufacturing. Regardless of your interest, there’s likely a computer science role for you. 

What Can I Do with a MS in Computer Science? 

Looking to level up even further in your field? Then consider a Master’s degree in Computer Science. As you’d no doubt guess, the more advanced your degree, the likelier you are to command a higher salary. Approximately 1.4 million computer science jobs went unfulfilled in 2020, with many of those positions seeking candidates with a Masters-level education. With this kind of degree, you can seek out managerial and leadership roles like Computer and Information Systems Managers, Computer Research Scientist, Network Architect and more.

Of course, obtaining a Master’s, or even a Bachelor’s degree is far from the only path of a successful career in technology. Below, we’ll discuss some additional options you have when it comes to gaining job-critical skills. Also keep in mind that it might make sense to gain job experience first, before investing in a time-consuming and expensive advanced degree. Everyone’s learning and career path is different!  

With that being said, let’s dive into some of the highest paying and fastest-growing jobs for those with a computer science degree! 

Software Architect

Average Yearly Salary: $131,416/year

Job Description: This upper-level role is responsible for designing and developing software applications and systems using a client’s specifications and requirements. They take the lead in technical and design decisions, including which platforms and coding standards to utilize. 

DevOps Engineer 

Average Salary: $118,806/year

Job Description: In many ways, a DevOps Engineer acts as the bridge between an organization’s development team and IT staff. They oversee code releases and create and implement software systems that perform tasks like analyzing data and fix technical issues. In some contexts, they also oversee the adoption of cloud technology. 

App Developer

Average Yearly Salary: $80,300/year

Job Description: An app developer is responsible for writing software for mobile devices, across the full life cycle of the product. This is inclusive of  writing code in the initial stages to prepare for launch, responding to any bugs or user inquiries upon release, and updating as needed on a continuous basis. 

Data Scientist

Average Yearly Salary: $102,801/year

Job Description: These professionals  are tasked with managing and manipulating large datasets to find insights or make predictions. Data scientists master tools like statistical models, algorithms, machine learning and programming to make their data more digestible and easier to understand.

Network Security Engineer

Average Yearly Salary: $104,405/year

Job Description: From network-monitoring tools to switches, routers and firewalls, this role is responsible for the configuration, deployment and maintenance of an organization’s security software and hardware. They are experts in preventing any and all cyber threats via preventive strategies. 

Back-end Developer

Average Yearly Salary: $116,635

Job Description: Back-end developers maintain the website’s user data and manage the exchange of requests and inputs between a user and the website using coding languages such as Python, Java, Ruby and Javascript. Working on the server-side of development, they use the objective of a given website and/or app to problem solve and create needed features and enhancements “behind the scenes.”

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Average Yearly Salary: $110,971/year

Job Description: AI specialists can work across a variety of industries, specializing in machine learning, automation, computer vision, image recognition, smart appliances and robotics. As the Internet of Things (IoT) and neural networks embedded in all of our devices become increasingly popular, these specialists are in high demand to leverage their skills to develop predictive models based on large data sets.

Systems Architect

Average Yearly Salary: $131,416/year

Job Description: This critical job identifies the particular software and hardware needed that encompass a businesses IT Systems and networks. They typically lead an IT team and have a thorough understanding of an organization’s technical requirements and security needs. 

Front-end Developer

Average Yearly Salary: $100,781

Job Description: This role is responsible for the development of websites and apps that a user will see and interact with. Using coding languages like HTML, CSS and Javascript, they create the user interface and code features like the ability to enter information to a drop-down menu, view photos from a gallery and access a website on a mobile phone. 

UX Designer

Average Yearly Salary: $90,207/year

Job Description: Behind every digital product, is a successful UX Designer. Blending the creative and analytical, these professionals bring together strategy and development and design principles to create stunning products. They create the look and feel of a computer interface and ensure products are functional and user-friendly .

Java Developer

Average Yearly Salary: $106,047

Job Description: Java developers work with the Java programming language to create software and applications, as well as help businesses develop websites and any type of application where Java would be required. As experts in the coding language, they regularly write, edit, and update website and software applications that utilize Java.

Cloud Solutions Architect

Average Yearly Salary: $131,46/year

Job Description: It’s not just you: everything really is moving to the cloud these days. Which is why there’s a growing need for experts who can design and implement specialized cloud servers for businesses and consumers. An architect keeps up with constantly evolving trends  and updates servers as companies change size and capabilities. 

Software Engineer

Average Yearly Salary: $118,748

Job Description: A key tech role, Software Engineers are responsible for developing all aspects of systems and software for businesses. Throughout this process, their duties include designing, developing and testing systems, creating models and upgrading and maintaining existing softwares.Software engineers regularly write code and need to be experts in skills like JavaScript, Node.js, HTML/CSS and Agile Methodologies. 

Software Tester

Average Yearly Salary: $87,006

Job Description: A software tester is tasked with making sure a software product is ready for market by acting as a trial user. It is their job to find bugs, errors, or features that may not be user friendly. Then, they need to document their testing procedures and communicate their findings to the developers who can fix any problems. The job continues even post-release as new features are added and developed. 

Is Earning a Degree in Computer Science Worth It? 

Breaking into the growing and highly lucrative tech field does not necessarily require you to possess a bachelor’s or master’s level Computer Science degree. Emerging as an increasingly popular alternative to degree programs are coding and other specialized bootcamps. Coding bootcamps are offered at a significantly lower cost than a four-year degree and can be completed in as little as 8 weeks to six months. Their curriculum focuses on job-critical skills and coding languages, and includes additional career-building services like networking events and interview prep. 

Taking a coding bootcamp will ultimately  present a tradeoff to anyone pursuing a computing career. Their shorter time frame gives them less time to focus on the theoretical and fundamental aspects of the subject matter, with shallower dives into a wider breadth of topics. Consider your time, budget and career goals, when deciding between a bootcamp or a degree program. 

If you’re interested in learning more, take some time to browse our comprehensive coding bootcamps listings. Or check out additional programming and coding resources below! 

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