Our Favorite Programming Memes: 50 Coding Memes Only Programmers Will Get

When the going gets tough, sometimes what you need most is a good chuckle. Programmers, web developers and software engineers know a thing or two about hectic schedules, long hours and hard work. So sit back and laugh, as we recap some of the funniest and best programming memes from across the web!
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  1. It Happens to the best of us

  2. That’s one way to differentiate

  3. A visual learning method

  4. Parents are always trying their best

  5. Not on the same page

  6. It’s all about the vibes, right?

  7. It’s one or the other

  8. They’ll never discover our secret!

  9. For when you’re feeling nostalgic to the good ole days

  10. Not a bad idea, actually. Are you listening congress?

  11. One language to rule them all

  12. Sometimes it’s *that* kind of day

  13. Yep, looks pretty accurate

  14. Problem…solved!

  15. We would never, right?

  16. No worse feeling TBH

  17. Just when you least expect it…

  18. Being the tech savvy friend is the worst sometimes

  19. Happy Monday! Or not?

  20. I think that’s how it works?

  21. Ha. Ha. Ha.

  22. If you get it, you get it

  23. Never thought about it this way

  24. Old-fashioned is best sometimes

  25. Incompatible data probs

  26. Clients are the best and the worst sometimes

  27. We can only dream of the day

  28. “How do you decide which language to learn?”

  29. The good kind of tears?

  30. As soon as you click away from this page

  31. We put our money and time where it counts

  32. We’ve heard more than a few of those

  33. It’s a thinker

  34. The eternal choice

  35. Think of it as self-growth

  36. We love HR…sometimes…

  37. I don’t understand the question

  38. Oh nooooo

  39. One lifetime later

  40. For the last time, they’re not the same!!

  41. That all too familiar midnight feeling

  42. You’re getting there, though

  43. We’re more than safe for now

  44. Dark mode or die

  45. A steaming hot mug of truth

  46. Programmers always get to the fact of the matter

  47. The only two websites we need

  48. The best spell we know

  49. Well that’s one way to answer

  50. Never give up!!

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