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Bootcamps in Tampa

By all metrics, if you want to be in the tech industry, you want to be in Tampa, Florida. The recently named top emerging tech city by Forbes Magazine saw double digit growth in key tech occupations between 2015-2020, with the end of this rapid period of expansion showing no end in sight. Not only is the region driving more tech jobs than any other city in Florida, but a third of its tech workforce has arrived in the last seven years, and one out of every 89 tech workers calls Tampa Bay home. As you might imagine, the job market’s been on a hot streak for years now, with companies large and small hiring development, cybersecurity and data specialists at a rapid clip to meet demand.

While the job market remains hot, the number of competitive candidates is only set to increase. Interested in standing out from the pack? One great way of achieving this is by attending an area bootcamp, specializing in your tech field of interest, like coding, data analytics, fintech and more. The programs range from several weeks to several months, and offer a cost-efficient way to scale up your knowledge in job-critical skills and industry-standard tools. Plus, most provide access to a full suite of career services and networking opportunities with the top companies you need to know in Tampa.

If you’re interested in learning more, read on to discover some of the unbeatable opportunities that might await you in Tampa, Florida.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Tampa

Thanks to Tampa’s incredibly diverse and growing tech sector, the job market is exceptional for bootcamp grads. The city can boast its fair share of homegrown success stories. Notable ones include IT Management Software firm ConnectWise recent acquisition for $1.5 billion dollars and multi-million fundraising rounds undertaken by VR software developer Immertic and digital wellness platform Peerfit. Rounding out the scene, is the presence of corporate giants across numerous industries, such as Consulting (Accenture, Deloitte), Cybersecurity (CheckPoint, SSL Store), Finance (American Express, JPMorgan) and Software Development (Appian, AgileThought).

On the startup side, as you might guess, Tampa is no slouch. Acceleration hub Embarc Collective managed to serve 100 startups in only three years of existence, proving proof of the market’s strength. Innovative organizations you might come across as a job seeker include cloud-based software developer Compliance Quest, ecommerce and mobile payment platform Venutize and advertising app Dabbl.

Still not sold? Maybe you’ll want to follow the lead of any number of organizations who have transplanted their operations to the Bay. Marketing technology platform Drift, A.I. experience provider TheIncLab and Genesis Systems, a tech firm focused on solving the global water shortage, have all made the leap in recent years. As you can surmise from the small sampling here, Bootcamp grads in Tampa have the opportunity to match their professional path with their passions within Tampa’s incredible array of tech-focused companies.

Average Salary for Tampa

Starting salaries in Tampa have risen as a result of increased demand and competition, but the city still maintains a relatively affordable cost of living, and plays host to a number of world-class amenities. Plus, the weather is basically unbeatable. We’ve gathered a list of the average salaries for technology jobs in the city from Indeed.com.

Career FieldAverage Salary
Software Engineer$83,269
Data Analyst$70,786
Java Programmer$91,686
Back-end Developer$101,842
Front-end Developer$96,491
IT Security Specialist$106,172
Product Manager$86,881

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