2022 New Orleans Bootcamps

Bootcamps in New Orleans

Bootcamps in this southern city prepare future tech professionals with the skills needed to succeed in positions such as back-end developers, cybersecurity specialists, and software developers. Offered in-person, online, and in hybrid combinations of the two, bootcamps in “the big easy” can typically take 8 to 36 weeks to complete. With a deep history, unique culture, and affordable cost of living, New Orleans is a great place to start a career.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in New Orleans

Since being named by U.S. News in 2018 as the “Silicon Valley of the South,” New Orleans is committed to continuing to grow as a tech center which is promising for bootcamp graduates. Two Fortune 500 companies, CenturyLink and Entergy, are headquartered here, creating tech jobs in the internet and energy industries. DXC Technology and High Voltage Software are two more businesses adding to the tech landscape of the city and looking for talented professionals.

The organization New Orleans Tech was created to not only draw more technology companies to the area but to also support tech businesses with regular events to collaborate and innovate. The city also offers significant financial incentives to entice innovative and entrepreneurial companies to build and grow there. These incentives have helped New Orleans attract technology-centered companies and create related jobs in many industries.

In 2019, Business Facilities named New Orleans one of its “Sweet Spots for High Tech” because of its ecosystem conducive to startups and the over 100 technology companies that call it home. Startups that are located here include Ready, a healthcare service that uses video chats to connect patients with providers. Another startup called Lucid creates a market research platform to survey millions of consumers for businesses. Align Today, a cloud-based system, provides businesses with a framework for employees to identify, streamline, and reach their individual and company goals.

As technology companies and startups continue to set up here, the demand for tech workers will remain steady. Thinking of entering the tech field in the Big Easy? Compare salaries for related jobs that can be found from completing the city’s bootcamps.

Average Salary for New Orleans

Listed below are the average salaries for popular tech jobs for the city on Indeed.com. Since the metro area has an affordable cost of living, salaries go further here. Additionally, many job postings offer cash bonuses, which would increase the average salaries.

Career FieldAverage Salary
Back-end Developer$96,099
Front-end Developer$61,459
Software Developer$82,100
Web Developer (General)$62,759
UX Designer$69,363
Data Analyst$55,710
Data Scientist$108,881

If you are looking to start a tech career in a city filled with history, culture, diversity, and opportunity, New Orleans is a great option for you. Local bootcamps are listed below so you can compare formats, curriculums, and additional perks. Some bootcamps offer mentoring, interview preparation, networking, and other incentives. With the options available, you are sure to find a bootcamp that is the perfect fit for your individual needs.

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