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The city of Hartford, Connecticut has deep roots in technological innovation dating back to the U.S. industrial revolution around the turn of the century. The Connecticut River Valley, where Hartford sits, was perfectly outfitted for water-powered production, which led many manufacturers to set up headquarters along with it. One of the most prominent manufacturers in Hartford was Samuel Colt, an arms manufacturer, who leveraged innovative manufacturing techniques such as the assembly line and the use of interchangeable parts. From there, the manufacturing industry of Hartford developed and diversified, becoming a production hotspot for typewriters, bicycles, and hardware.

With such a prominent industrial presence, there came a demand for insurance to guard against possible production disasters like fires and floods. While the U.S. epicenter of manufacturing has since relocated to the midwestern ‘rust belt,’ Hartford’s insurance industry has continued to boom and the city is now known as the ‘Insurance Capital of the World.

While it may not sound especially flashy, the insurance industry is often at the forefront of tech innovation, particularly in the fields of data science and fintech. Since insurance companies succeed by calculating risk and making predictions, they work with massive amounts of data. These companies benefit from using tools like machine learning, Python programming, and SQL, that allow them to better manage and read their data.

Job Outlook for Bootcamp Graduates in Hartford

Because of the huge insurance presence in Hartford, there is a high demand for skilled data scientists, analysts, and programmers. Among the city’s top 10 fastest growing jobs are Operations Analyst, Web Developer, Business Analyst, Software Engineer, Software Developer, and CNC machinist.

Top employers in the city include Aetna, Coventry Healthcare, The Hartford (an insurance company), The Standard Fire Insurance Company, and Insurity (an insurance software company).

While Hartford is home to quite a few large companies, there is also a healthy start-up sector, which includes many start-ups that fill gaps in the insurance industry and others that are unrelated to insurance. Some of these are Covr and Sproutt, which are digital life insurance platforms; Wearsafe, a personal safety app; and AUREUS, an analytics start-up.

Across all occupations, the average salary in Hartford is about 1.2 times the national average and is ranked #16 when compared with all U.S. cities. However, jobs in computer science and networking pay quite a bit more than the average salary both in Hartford and across the U.S. A coding or data science bootcamp can equip students with the skills they need for one of these careers. Here is a salary breakdown for some of the top tech jobs in Hartford:

Average Salary for Hartford

OccupationAverage Salary
Web Developer$72,244
Operations Analyst$64,733
Business Analyst$76,962
Software Engineer$74,822
Software Developer$80,282
CNC Machinist*$46,272

*A CNC machinist, or computer numerical control machinist, uses computer files and digital blueprints to produce precisely measured machine parts and hardware for use in manufacturing.

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